An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

30-04-02 AJ

     I wish I did not have the authority to give people consent to do certain things, but I do, and, I will.  When someone is being wronged I will give him the right, or, her, to correct that wrong, rather it is popular with the living or not.  That is what I have done with our beloved John Paul II, who is leading my efforts to destroy The Catholic Church, to expose all of its evil until it crumbles and disappears.  People say "No, no, Lord, please don't!" But I can do nothing else.  Here is the link to his message.

    I am asked "Is there any way we can avoid the destruction that is being caused by these tornadoes?  Yes, if the people cooperate with us, restore our power, we could probably lessen the damage being caused by those storms to a great degree. But right now all our resources are tied up fighting Obama and his creatures of Darkness.  We're usually quite good in these matters, though we can't stop all of the tornadoes, we can often lessen their severity and get our people out of harm's way.  But I still say the very best thing for people in those areas is to build shelter rooms to sleep in, especially when there is a threat of tornadoes.  Better for a family to spend the night together in a safe room than to be dug out of rubble the next day.  The more my people use common sense to protect themselves, the more power we have for other things.
    On a lighter note, my servant was in stitches yesterday with the hats the women were wearing at The Royal Wedding!  He did check in long enough to see the bride's dress.  The ladies in The Afterlife were as curious as any.  The guys weren't too disappointed either!  
    My servant says the lady is just as beautiful as she was in ages passed. It amazes him how his old friends resemble their ancestors.  But they all tend to be reincarnated in their own bloodlines.  With my servant's people the old song "I'm My Own Grandpa!" can be more than true.  In many cases they were their Ancestors!
    I got the foolish comment "Are you disappointed there was no trouble at The Royal Wedding?"  Of course I am not disappointed!  Just because we could take no action ourselves, does not mean we wanted any harm to befall those taking part.  I also received the complaint that it was not right of me to allow Diana to so bitterly rebuke the Queen.  I will explain to people again, I cannot interfere with what my children have to say if it is justified.  It is not my place.  These two ladies have issues that they're going to have to resolve between themselves. I cannot and I will not tell people that they must forgive or honor someone they have grievances with.  Forgiveness must come from within the person's soul.  It cannot be ordered or demanded.  Some do not like this but it is our way.  When a person has grievances that are justified and they wish to express them, I will allow them to express them rather they are unpopular with others or not.  
    People are complaining about some of the things that Donald Trump is saying. I find no untruth in anything he says.  The present leaders in Washington are idiots and if people are just to blind to see that, that's simply too bad.
    I am asked to converse with Obama. I will not!  I will not associate with such evil!  it is not my way.
    My servant is trying desperately to get back on line, but we can't his new computer working.  He bought McAfee and dial up seems to be too slow to load the components.  No matter what he does it still won't function, and he has to totally rebuild his email lists.  He may be able to use an old one, but it has many people in it that have asked to be removed, and we have lost our Catholic and Anglican lists.  That our computer experts were lured away and murdered has seriously crippled our work.  As much as we try we just do not have the skills that they possessed.  It is little wonder my servant becomes enraged when someone compares us to Heaven's Gate!  There is no comparison!  The idiot that ran Heaven's Gate was a creature of Darknesss who taught the aliens were coming to take us away.  My servant teaches his People will be building their own ships and returning to the stars, nobody's going to come and rescue them, totally different teachings, no comparison, whatsoever!  My servant teaches self reliance, not slavery.
    On one final note, someone complained that I was totally wrong in saying that Laura Bush has alzheimers.  I did not say she had alzheimers. I said I had been told she had alzheimers. I do not think this is true.  I was saying I wonder how these things get going, who starts them.  We think it may have been an effort to discredit her and keep her from being my servant's running mate, which I still want.  I want to put together an unbeatable team that will fill The White House with so much power that the evil in the world will tremble because they know that they are in for years of challenge.  My greatest joy would be to have Laura and her husband show up at my servant's residence and say "God says we can win!  Let's get to work!  We're running behind."  That's what I want more than anything.  I don't want a third party.  I want to take The Republicans away from their anti abortionists, so The Democrats won't be so afraid of them and we can win a great many of them over.  Everybody keeps saying we can't win or that we should support someone else that can win.  I don't believe we can't win, I believe we can!  If we have Laura Bush as the vice presidential candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the secretary of state, Caroline Kennedy as the secretary of education, Donald Trump as the secretary of the treasury, I think we have more than a chance of winning.  The people want the truth. They're sick of politicians that lie to get in office and then simply do what they want to do.  They want someone that's going to keep his word.  They want my servant. If we can surround him with experienced people and help him achieve his goals, the people will say "Why didn't God send this man sooner?"  I hope somebody will tell them He tried.

Him Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley, at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and