FROM MAY, 2,011

May 31-  God The Father gives the link to a little story He had His
servant, Speaker Gerald Polley write concerning the fate of Jason Leen,
who published a book of lies about what happened to John Lennon in The Afterlife,
He also comments on Judgment Day, and much more.

May 30-  God The Father reveals more information that should
be kept private, and asks publishers to publish His servant's
People's History.   As usual there's more.

May 29- God The Father is very disappointed  with a t.v. station in Tuscon, AZ
who asked to be removed from Speaker Gerald Polley's mailing list.  He also explains
how Gerald could give  Ratko Mladic eternal life, why Speaker Polley's
powers can't be compared to Jesus' and more.

May 28-  God The Father says He's not to happy with the capture of
Ratko Mladic, gives the link to a message from Michael Jackson which tells
what Speaker Gerald Polley's messages will be like after The 4th Of July,
that He's
 disappointed He didn't get to be on Oprah's last show, and there's a lot more.

May 27-  God The Father explains the reason for His comments
about The Ashtarians in yesterday's message, says some of the bad weather
in California the day before yesterday was caused by a spiritual battle there,
and gives the link to a new fiction story by Speaker Gerald Polley.

May 26-  God The Father posts the warning to Ashtar Command with
a new audio version of it read by Speaker Linda Polley.  He says it's possible
that bin Laden was Ashtarian and even Obama might be!  As usual
there's much more.

May 25-  God The Father gives Bible verses that says He has told
people to rise up against their children when they are doing wrong
for  for ages, gives a link to a new Ancient One story by Speaker Gerald Polley
who had his prostate biopsy yesterday & there's more.

May 24-  God The Father posts old noah610's latest blustering
concerning his father's I.D.   He replies to this saying noah's letter was

sent out to the people noah claims support him with the note from
Speaker Gerald Polley that's also on this page.

May 23-  God The Father replies to a letter from Alice
concerning Oprah's TV Network having a show about Cher's daughter,
He also replies to a man who compliments John Lennon's new songs
and says Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are prophets.  Video links included.

May 22-  God The Father tells what He would like to have happen to
Rev. Howard Camping and his followers now the rapture didn't happen yesterday,
He salutes Senator Stacey Campfield of Tennessee for putting forth anti gay legislation in his state
and tells of  prophecy concerning His servant Speaker Gerald Polley.

May 21-  God The Father explains that Netanyahu's visit to The White House
was almost as good as no visit at all, old Noah is back and his why daddy's
going to be in trouble,  Maria Shriver knew about Arnold's son, and there's more.

May 20- God The Father says Everyone in The Afterlife is
disgusted with Obama's efforts to take over The Middle East.  He sent
a special message to Benjamin Netanyahu through Fox News reporters.  He is asked why
He still calls to Arnold Schwarzenegger & his wife for help, and there's much more.

May 19-  God The Father talks about several important topics especially
that of homosexuals in California trying to make circumcision illegal,
He is pleased there was good emails for a change, and  
complains about the Fox series "Supernatural".

May 18- God The Father explains about  embryos and souls,
how He expects his candidate Speaker Gerald Polley to get
enough money and support for his presidential campaign, 2,012, and gives
the link to Linda's latest music videos.
As always there's much  more.

May 17-  God The Father talks about His feelings on Arnold Schwarzenegger's
announcement that he had a child with a servant, about Harold Camping
Jesus will return on May 21st, a tremendous spiritual battle
yesterday in Lebanon and more.

May 16- God The Father discusses several important issues
including praising His people for exposing the corrupt French politician,
telling noah610 it doesn't matter if a politican can't write,
we wish our predictions concerning The Middle East
weren't coming true, and much more!

May 15-  God The Father calls The Huckabees to work with Speaker Gerald Polley
and his presidential campaign, mentions noah610 and that He recently
got surprising
confirmation of something He mentioned in His emaill.  
As usual there's much more.

May 14- God The Father  publishes noah610's response to His comments yesterday,
and gives the link to a new song by The Spirit Of Michael Jackson
in support of The Police Officers Of America, "Protectors".

May 13- God The Father reveals noah610's latest email and comments on it.
Also He says all police officers in America should be rallying to His candidate
for the Presidency
Speaker Gerald Polley, because The Obamas
promote people who encourage the murder of police.

May 12- God The Father says
He can't believe Obama's approval rate went up,
and explains that
Speaker Gerald Polley got another
email from noah610 who is scared of someone & wants
his name
taken off his letters on the web site!

May 11-
 God The Father explains why two people who sent Speaker Gerald Polley
bad emails asking to be removed from his mailing list
aren't true Christians as they claim, comments on the pastor who
 lied about being a Navy SEAL, and more.

May 10- God The Father tells about an horrendous spiritual battle in Los Angeles
the night before, and describes who Maria Shriver was in a past life, why
she is so important for Him to contact and acquire her help for His servant.

May 8- God The Father explains that the people in Egypt who attacked
the Christian churches there are being punished, and how, gives never before
released info on Obama & bin Laden's past lives and much more.

May 7- God The Father describes how His servant could outshine Obama's
assassination of bin Laden, and, why He won't leave The Bushes alone.

May 6-  God The Father praises Linda for the new music video she
has made for the song she channeled about Obama and bin Laden. He
gives the links to it.  Also He praises the Illinois House for
voting against medical marijuana and as usual there's much more.

May 5-  God The Father speaks out on several important topics
including power once again rising in LA after Linda channeled a song
about bin Laden's death, video games on The Old Worlds,
and his servant's medical problem.  There's a link to the song lyrics included.

May 4- God The Father explains that He still wants
to contact certain people,  get them to work on
Speaker Gerald Polley's presidential campaign and more,
also gives a link to a precious music video against Obama.

May 3-  God The Father fills in more details
concerning the truth of bin Laden's capture and death,
and gives much more info on other things.

May 2- God The Father tells about why
The Prophet Muhammed won't be coming back,
Gadhafi's son is now temporary Ruler of The Islamic Paradise,
and much more.

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