An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

20-05-02 AJ

    We are appalled that Obama thinks he rules The Middle East, that the president of The United States dictates the affairs in those countries!  When America is going bankrupt he is forgiving 1 billion dollars in debt from Egypt that should be going to pay off the American debt!  And he's extorting another billion dollars from American companies making them invest in Egypt to pay off his conspirators who organized his rebellion there.  He continues to threaten Assad in Syria, and carry on his assassination campaign in Lybia.  Of course Obama has to do this to pay off his cronies that have betrayed their people. Assad was becoming one of the stabilizing forces in the area, which Obama did not want because it was threatening his campaign to destroy Israel.  So he is trying to remove him from power and create a dangerous vacuum that could lead to total chaos in the area.  His so called spontaneous rebellions are failing.  The legitimate rulers of other countries are holding fast and not succumbing to his domination.  We are in sincere hopes that the senate will refuse to accept this pay off and say The United States isn't going to be a part of this, forbid the canceling of Egypt's debts.  The Egyptians have already stolen Mubarack's property and the property of his family.  That is enough payment for their treason.  Obama must be stopped!  He is destroying The Middle East. It may take us decades to repair the damage unless we can perform some real miracles!  We sincerely hope the American people aren't taken in and will say "No! You're not going to destroy our economy to pay off your agents!"  Here is the link to a message I sent to Benjamin Netanyahu today through Fox.

    I have to again praise Fox!  They have stood up against The Secret Service and shown again that they simply can't follow the rules, that they think that they can do whatever they want to do and people are simply going to put up with it.  Their questioning of a young man without his mother present, a direct violation of the law, shows the utter incompetence of some of their agents.  They'd really better do some better recruiting!  I am still very angry about them coming to my servant when we were conducting the last presidential campaign, and telling him that if I said one more time The Pope would die forever, he would be imprisoned.  They didn't care about religious freedom or freedom of speech.  They considered this a threat to public officials and they wouldn't tolerate it.  You will notice I still declare quite often that because The Pope will not accept my reforms and still allows his priests to sodomize boys, he will die forever unless he repents and fulfills my wishes, ending celibacy, ordaining women, making the one I wish to be the next pope a cardinal, and declaring that Mary Magdalene was The Queen Of Heaven, not Mary, Jesus' Mother.  When those three conditions are met I will ask my servant to give The Pope eternal life, to take him into his care and take him with him to the stars. Well, actually, I'll ask Sarah to do that.  He's male.  But The Secret Service better learn the rules!  However, my servant holds no ill will to the individual that visited him in North Dakota.  He had very good power, and when my servant becomes president he'd like him to be the head of Linda's detachment, or whatever they call it, and assist her in performing her missions.  We hate to waste good material.   
    Oh!  Of course I also want The Pope to make my servant a cardinal and his wife a bishop so he can do some necessary work in the church before he becomes president.  I will repeat, no matter how much they fight it, some day The Catholics will declare both my servant and his wife saints, among my greatest messengers.  This is prophecy!  It will happen!  There is no question of it.  I have other plans for my servant in the future.  But it will have to be after he's president.  
       I'm asked how can I support Schwarzenegger and ask his wife to return when there's reports of another mistress coming forward.   There will be reports of dozens of mistresses coming forward.  Any woman that ever had contact with Arnold that thinks they can make a few bucks or get some publicity will be coming forward and claiming they had an affair.  This happens every time there's a situation like this.  Many are going to think Arnold's an easy target.  But I think Arnold is praiseworthy that he is admitting that this young man is his son, and I am sure he will see to it that he will take part in any inheritance that goes to his children.  
    Sadly, very few of my servants are perfect.  There was only one.  All the rest one time or another, succumbed to some human fault.  As the old expression goes, they're only human.  Look at the situation between my servant and King David!  They were the best of friends but David sent him on a suicide mission so he could have his wife.  People in the material form are going to have some faults that they will regret for eternity.  But we need Arnold!  And we need his wife!  Because they're a bonded pair and neither would have their full power without the other.  So it is my great desire that his wife and children understand the situation, accept his son, and welcome him as part of the family, that there be good will between them.  I have been asked if there's some position I could offer Arnold's son.  When we get operations going there's a good chance that he could have a position of importance, like any of Arnold's children. Their power is superb and they could do wonders.  Sarah will need Christian, Jewish, and Muslim power givers to work with her when she's in the field and separate from her husband.  This young man could represent one of the Christian faiths and be a back up for the other power givers if we could raise the funds to offer him a position.  Oh, if I don't mention The Hindus I'll be in a lot of trouble!  Definitely need them too!  
    To save the human race we need a lot of power. We cannot neglect any opportunity.  I still want Arnold to make a couple of movies to raise funds for our efforts.  Got a couple of roles that would be perfect for him!  And my servant wants a bit part in each movie.  He wouldn't have time for major roles.  But you never know!  Some day he may have a star on The Walk Of Fame as one of his many accomplishments.  But the fight continues and as we say, we don't have to show The Islamic People and The Children Of Israel that Obama is their enemy. He does that himself!  Sadly, not enough people are paying attention.  There are those that are actually praising his betrayal of Israel and calling it a bold move for peace.  Israel will easily be able to tell who are their enemies.  I hope they realize my servant is their friend!    

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

  You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley, at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and