An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

14-05-02 AJ

    We've lost one of our contacts at The Sun Times.  I believe that's Chicago.  Apparently he believes in murdering police officers.  But we have another contact there that we're hoping will stay with us, so we won't lose the entire organization.  
   Here's noah610 again.  The only reason we continue to show people his emails is they are giving everyone such a laugh!  But we will tell him and we will tell everyone else, you think we're breaking any laws, call the police. Otherwise, shut up!  Your constant threats are showing people how stupid you are, just a sad little boy who no one will pay attention to.  We made friends with a lot of police officers yesterday who do not appreciate The First Lady pinning targets on them and telling the drug dealers "Go ahead! You're a minority.  They're legitimate targets."  They appreciate people that fight for them, that say "Enough of this crap! Let's stop defending these murderers and saying it's free speech."  Here's his comments. We're sure everyone else will get a good laugh out of them, as we do.  

Fri, May 13, 2011 4:51:28 PMSeriously?
From: "" <>Add to Contacts

    You act all tough as nails at the same time you remove my previous emails and the emails of other people you don't like?  Seems to me you act tough in public, but I got you thinking that maybe the law might not look kindly on your actions Jerry.
I also love how you assume I'm a Democrat just because I troll the hell out of you and you can't take it.  See Gerald, the thing you can't seem to understand is that I reject bipartisan politics.  I hate the idea of people voting based on political party, if people do that then there is no progress.  I don't vote for a single political party.  I've voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  I vote based on the issue and the candidate.  But apparently by voting for a Democrat in the past, that means I'm a Democrat.  How stupid can you get Gerald?  By that reasoning, because I voted for a Republican in the past, that makes me a Republican too.  So what am I?  A Republicratependent?  Because that's not a word Gerald, what gives you the right to make words up?
    As for my efforts to intimidate you.  They seem to have intimidated Linda at least, since according to the logs, it was her IP that removed the emails.  Bet you didn't know I could see your website's access logs did you?

That Noah guy

    Here's what some of our friends have to say about our little nuisance.  

From: Ted & Alice <>View Contact
To: Gerald Polley <>;
Gerald and Linda

Gee that Noah guy that emails you all the time has a lot of time on his hands. I wonder why he keeps writing to you? It is fun to read what he has to say, but it is really stupid of him what he says, it makes no sense calling you names and stuff. He is a chicken shit. Keep butting heads with this guy and keep exposing him for what he is.
Oh did you and Linda get your PC working better today ?


   As you can see people agree with us.  As to removing his email and not directly responding to him any more, that is our standard practice with creatures of Darkness.  But like we say, he's so ignorant we like to show the world the kind of stupidity that we're up against every day, these poor, pitiful souls that think they're somebody and go insane when no one really pays any attention to them.  You can be assured if there was any possibility of this loser taking any action against us, he would've taken it.  But he knows he'll be a laughing stock if he does.  He's giving us tons of publicity!  We'd love for him to give us more!  
    Some people are saying we have enough already for a charge of criminal harassment or maybe even attempted extortion.  I can't see that one!  But some say it's possible.  Anyway, every time he makes a fool of himself the more we like it.  He just doesn't understand what a sap he is.  
    Michael Jackson tried to come up with a song for the current circumstances.  He is not too happy with the product, but we think it's pretty good.  Michael  still wishes he could reach his family and have them help my servant raise the money so he could offer his daughter a position as a courier/protector.  He believes this song may be a money maker.  Linda will try to get it recorded and put up.

    Alice asked about the computer.  Sadly, Linda's attempts were total failures.  We're deeply disappointed in the McAfee.  It simply will not work on dial up and they should tell people that when they sell it.  It's money that was simply thrown away. We cannot recommend this product to anyone and will not be using it in any of our computers in the future.  
    Still trying to reach anti gay organizations and anti marijuana groups around the nation.  Anyone that has contact with any of them we'd appreciate them informing these groups about us, that we're the best chance they have for a presidential candidate that's going to support their causes, and they should be joining his efforts.  
    Have been speaking with a Republican candidate but we understand that the other day she made the comment that pregnant women should be shackled.  We're a little disappointed by such a statement and would like a clarification.  It just makes no sense whatsoever!  We're hoping it was taken out of context.  We are also very  disappointed that some so called mainstream Republicans are still attacking The Tea Party and calling for compromise.  There can be no compromise!  Obama must be stopped!  He must be put out of office.  We already have a charge worthy of impeachment, the murder of Gadhafi's grandchildren. There can be no compromise with such a man that will commit such acts for power!  The President Of The United States has no right to declare that the leader of any nation is no longer acceptable!  That is up to the people of that nation, not him, and it is obvious that Gadhafi has far more support than Obama claims he does.  Obama is committing illegal acts trying to gain world power, and it must stop!  Help us stop it and regain America's honor.  
     I am glad to hear that George Mitchell is resigning as Obama's special envoy to The Middle East.  This is a position he should have never taken.  I wish so much Mr. Mitchell would accept a position as my physical host in Maine for the next two years, come and live in Ellsworth, Maine, and help run my operations while my servant goes to Los Angeles.  I would still like to get Barbara Bush and her husband to be my servant's campaign managers in Maine and rise the Republicans there in his support.  But with Mitchell as my physical host we could accomplish a lot, especially with his contacts among The Palestinians to get them to accept Father Abraham's Proposal of a separate homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel.  There is so much great talent available to us!  If they would only give up this creature of Darkness and join us!  We could change the world and make it a far better place for everyone.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

  You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and