Michael Jackson Writes A Song In Heaven
For The Police Officers Of America

May 14, 2,011

    Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are internationally known psychics living in Ellsworth, Maine.  Since 1999 they have channeled music by famous composers in The Afterlife.  They have appeared on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" four times in 2,004 singing some of these songs.  
    Recently The First Lady invited a rapper to perform at The White House who does songs promoting the killing of police officers. Everyone in The Afterlife was shocked she would do such a thing.  As God said in His almost daily messages, this just proves what creatures of evil The Obamas have become.  
    The spirit of Michael Jackson decided to write a song in support of The Police Officers Of America.  Speaker Gerald Polley channeled it.  The lyrics and link to Linda's music video of this song are below.  We  hope everybody will like this song and pass it on.  Let police officers know we support the good they do!
    You can contact The Polleys by email
at spiritist@yahoo.com

Click Here
To Watch Linda J. Polley
Sing & Play
It's a 34.4 MB wmv file.

By; Michael Jackson
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Oh, come and hear, my people!
Oh come and do what's right!
We must join the battle
for those who stand and fight!
We must protect the innocent,
out there in the night!
We must protect the innocent,
From those who rob and fight!

2.  You know they're in the Darkness,
Or even in the light!
They'll have you hate the heroes,
That protect you day and night.
You know they are the Darkness,
In them there is no light!
Do not hear their evil,
Don't go into the night!

3.  We may call them officers,
State troopers ride the night!
We may call them constables,
but they do what's right.
They stand against the evil
every day and night
They are not our enemies,
the ones that do what's right.

4.  Yes, there's some corruption,
that we can't deny,
But they are a minority,
of those who stand and fight.
Those who protect our daughters
from the darkness of the night,
Those who would destroy them
for their profit are not right!

5.  Do not stand with evil,
do not listen to the hate!
Drive those from among you
who will have you hate!
Do not listen to their music!
Their evil do deny!
Tell the world that you forsake them,
Don't walk into the night!

6.  Come on all my people!
Come and stand for right!
Whenever there is evil
Stand with those who have the right!
When it is illegal
you must do what's right.
And stand with the protectors
who shield us from the night!

7.  Tell them "You're not our enemy
if you're doing what is right!
When you persecute us,
we will stand and fight!
But when you're against injustice
we'll be there at your side.
When you come to protect us
we'll do what is right!"

8. I know sometimes it's tempting
to protect what isn't right,
You think that you have been abused,
and that your children have the right!
But they cannot sell the poison,
they cannot kill and fight!
They must respect society, and do what is right. 
Though it's hard to stand against them
Sometimes you feel they're right!
But you can't destroy your children
You can't end eternal life!

9.  So let us stop the hatred,
let us do what's right!
Before there is nothing
except eternal night.
Before there is nothing
but eternal night.

*  *  *

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