Songs By Kurt Cobain
From The Afterlife
Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Gerald A. Polley

The following lyrics and audio demos are now available on line free.
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1. The Battle Is Raging

2. Hey, Little Pinky!

3. Don't Listen To The Voices Mama!

4. Down With Trans Fats!

5. We Got The Fire!
Written with John Lennon!


Jay Thomas

7. Someone
Written for Liberace's Wedding In The Afterlife.

8. No Tears On Christmas
John Lennon, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain, and Johnny Cash
wrote this song.

9. Come On, Bin Laden!
Check out the video featuring this song on our "Live Video" site!

10. Glory To The Prophet!!
Check out the video featuring this song honoring The Prophet Muhammed
on our "Live Video" site!

11. Come To Them Maria

Kurt's song for Maria Shriver, First Lady Of California.
Channeled on the 15th anniversary of his death.
The Polleys didn't know it was until later that afternoon.

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