For The People Of Ellsworth, Maine

March 4, 2,007

Internationally known psychics Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley have been channeling songs from The Afterlife since 9/9/99 when Linda began receiving them from John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles. Now Kurt Cobain has been working with them but Gerald is the one who can bring through his songs. Kurt has given them a short version of the song he's singing in The Afterlife about what is going on with the Spiritual Forces in Gerald's home town of Ellsworth, Maine. The lyrics below explain it all. Kurt insisted that Gerald sing it with Linda. Gerald said it would probably be better if Linda just sang it herself, but Kurt insisted. So Gerald did the best he could. You'll notice if you listen to the song and read the lyrics even with the sheet in his hand and reading them Gerald did one part wrong. However they didn't have time to do more attempts. Just not enough hours! But it still sounds good that way. The lyrics are the way it's supposed to be sung. They just can't do Kurt's style! They wish they could get some really hot band to record this! Linda thinks this is the best song they've done together since "Whacko The Clown." Here's the lyrics and audio demo. If any radio stations want to play it they're perfectly welcome to do so! There were problems getting the email address on the end. It kept coming out lower than the song and they couldn't fix it. So if anybody uses it we'd appreciate them increasing the volume in that part. It's meant to be a two minute commercial. If you have any comments or questions email
them to

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July 4, 2,007

We have rerecorded the song with the missing verse that Kurt gave Gerald. Kurt took it out so it would only be two minutes for the commercial in the first recording. We have made it into a music video!

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By; Kurt Cobain Channeled through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. The battle is raging
for the souls of man!
On the coast of Maine
God would make a stand!
In the town of Ellsworth,
Is where He would reside,
On the shores of Penobscot
there He would abide!

2. Angels and demons
are fighting every day,
On the coast of Maine!
Who will have their way?
Will the glory of God
stand forevermore?
Or will we lose the battle
on that sacred shore?

3. We have to save our children!
There has to be a way!
The voices on the radio
mustn't fade away!
We have to tell the people,
We have to tell them all!
You must hear The Prophets!
Listen to their call!

4. Come and hear the story!
Every word is true!
They're fighting for me
and they're fighting for you!
Angels and demons!
Who will have their way?
Who will win the battle
on the coast of Maine?

Angels or demons?
Who will have their way?

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