September 13, 2,007


Internationally known psychic Speaker Linda J. Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, has channeled new songs by John Lennon from The Afterlife since 9/9/99 and her husband Gerald has recently started channeling songs by Kurt Cobain. Believe it or not Liberace and Kurt Cobain are becoming quick friends! And Kurt wrote this little song for Liberace's wedding Friday, September 14th, and played it at one of The Wonders' concerts the night of September 12th. It's very unCobain! It's slow, and it's sweet, and everyone loved it! Talent, incredible, beautiful talent! Kurt said that this was for two of his newest and dearest friends. But The Polleys also think it's for someone he left behind as well. It's a song about love! Gerald & Linda think you'll like it! What goes on in The Afterlife is truly phenomenal! But some things that you get just leaves you with tears in your eyes. Time and time again Gerald & Linda wish they could get video of these things, Kurt singing this would bring tears to your eyes! It's totally unlike him! I't s nothing like the stuff he ususally does but it is just phenomenal when he sings it! The Polleys wish we could get somebody to do it justice.

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By; Kurt Cobain
Channeled Through; Gerald A Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Sometimes you know
you really go astray!
Sometimes you know
you fill your soul with pain.
You're always doin' things
you know you shouldn't do,
You're always doin' things
that tells them you're a fool!

2. Then you see that
certain little smile,
Someone takes your hand,
and you're not so dumb
for a while!
Someone takes your hand
and you learn how to laugh,
Someone takes your hand
and the pain is in the past!

3. Sometimes you think
there's nothin' but bad dreams,
Then someone says to you
"Come on! It's not what it seems!"
Someone says "Come on!"
and builds a better dream.
Someone tells you
"Things aren't what they seem!"

4. Some say it's lust,
but I say it's joy!
Some say it's shame,
I'll always say it's joy!
Some men say
they won't be a woman's joy,
But I say I'll always
be her toy!

I'll always be her joy!

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