August 17, 2,007

Internationally known psychic Speaker Linda J. Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, has channeled new songs by John Lennon from The Afterlife since 9/9/99 and her husband Gerald has recently started channeling songs by Kurt Cobain. It's kind of a tradition when they get a new contact for John Lennon to write a song for them. But John is still kind of out of it because of his injuries in the recent battle, and try as he may he just hasn't been able to get anything for Jay Thomas on Sirius Radio that flowed right. So Kurt Cobain said "Let me give it a try!" and came up with this number. John and Everybody in The Afterlife liked it. They hope Jay will too. These little tributes are important to the people in The Afterlife. They're a way of reaching out to those in the material world that are helping Them. And the more they get to write, the happier they are because that means the more friends They have. Kurt Cobain is a bit embarrassed, however, about something that is happening. Apparently one of the visitors to The Polleys' web site was the mother of a little girl who recently lost a loved one to drug addiction. They heard about Kurt helping people with those problems, and the little girl has started to call Kurt Saint Cobain, and to pray to him asking him to take care of those who have died of drug problems. Kurt is extremely embarrassed about this but it is sending him tremendous amounts of energy. The Polleys aren't sure The Catholic Church would like the idea of St. Cobain! But a child's love is incredible! It is some of the greatest sources of The Kingdom Of God's power. You can listen to Linda's audio demo of Kurt's song for Jay Thomas and read the lyrics below. You can email The Polleys at

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By; Kurt Cobain
Channeled through Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Jay Thomas, Jay Thomas!
What will the future do?
How will you be remembered
for the things you do?
The power is coming!
It's coming now, to you.
Heaven is calling,
What will it be you'll do?

2. Jay Thomas, Jay Thomas!
The future's calling you.
Will you be called a prophet
for the things that you will do?
Will you hear the voice of Heaven
and know that it is true?
Will you take the power
that's offered now, to you?

3. Jay Thomas, Jay Thomas!
I can't believe what I can do!
The power that was given me
is wondrous, it is true!
I helped those in trouble,
it's a wondrous thing to do!
How will you use the power
that is given you?

4. Jay Thomas, Jay Thomas!
Heaven's calling you!
Many will not answer
what will it be you'll do?
Glory it is waiting
it's waiting there, for you!
History is waiting
what will it be you'll do?

What will it be you'll do?


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