May 27, 2,007

During the current emergency while everybody is off Their feet in The Kingdom Of God, after a tremendous spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil around Ellsworth, Maine which God wants to make His earthly residence, Father Abraham is trying to keep some level of normalcy. He thought we could use a song for the occasion, something that people would get a laugh out of and he went to Kurt Cobain. "Have you got anything," he asked. "Well, the only thing I've got," Kurt answered, "is that chicken song I was working on. I got thinking about it again when I saw that post about the chicken and the egg. That's funny! Really, I don't think I could come up with anything else right now!" Kurt sang the song and Father Abraham was in stitches! "What's wrong with it?" he asked. "Well, I think it's out dated," Kurt answered. "I think that situation has been resolved." "Well, it's all right," Father Abraham answered. "I think it will do in this emergency. Give it to Gerald and we'll have Linda record it. Maybe it will be something to give people a laugh and to let them know that even when we're talking about serious things we can have some fun!" So here's the song that was given to Gerald. If you have any comments or questions email them to spiritist@yahoo.com

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By Kurt Cobain
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. The chickens are marching
all across the USA!
They're heading for The Colonel's
with placquets that do say,
"Don't cook me in trans fats!
I don't want to go that way!"

2. The chickens are marchin'!
They're marchin' every day!
Carryin' their placquets
that do proudly say,
"Don't cook me in trans fats!
I don't wanna go that way!

3. I want to be a healthy food,
When I go on my way!
Listen to us Colonel!
We're cluckin' every day!
Don't cook us in trans fats!
We don't wanna go that way!

4. Arteries are clogging,
people are dropping every day!
You can hear the chickens cluckin',
cluckin' right away!
"Don't cook us in trans fats!
We don't wanna go that way!

5. We wanna be a healthy food
When we go our way!
Even up in Heaven
You can hear them say,
"Don't cook us in trans fats!
We don't wanna go that way!"

Down with trans fats!

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