Here is a link to God's message for Ellsworth.

February 20 Special Edition God To Ellsworth, Maine http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/hj/2007/February/GodToEllsworthMaine.wav

We hope you will listen to it and receive the power that it offers. Below is a letter we sent to The Ellsworth Chamber Of Commerce and many of its members in hopes of finding sponsors to keep this Work going. We thought we had a great way of reaching people by putting a link on KISS' web site and then directing people to it with commercials, but this didn't work out because KISS said this would look like they were endorsing us and they didn't want to do that. This is perfectly understandable so we had to try another approach. My commercial was one last attempt to reach out before the power was gone and while we still had some financial resources. Do read the letter! It explains a lot.

Things are changing in this situation daily! Here is a link to the latest issue of our magazine that has the most current information that is online. Be sure to check back after the first of each month for the newest issue to keep track of what is going on. There is also information on how this crisis has grown in our back issues. It is the best way to get a full understanding of these incredible circumstances!


Also, daily we send out emails to a network of radio stations across the country that make our information available to the public. You might like to contact your local radio station and ask them to request our email and read them each morning. It is one of the best ways to find out what is going on in The Afterlife!

Here's the links to four new special editions. Some incredible stuff has been happening in Ellsworth!

March 2, 2,007 Special Edition Spiritual Wave http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/hj/2007/March/SpiritualWave.mp3

March 3, 2,007 Heaven Can Fight!

March 4, 2,007 Third Wave And Ambush! http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/hj/2007/March/ThirdWaveAndAmbush.mp3

March 5, 2,007 Last Wave

Also, we have been given a song from The Afterlife for this effort by none other than Kurt Cobain, who is now working for The Kingdom Of God! Miracles happen! Here is a link to the song. We've been trying to get it played on the radio as a commercial but they won't play it because it's too long. Pass it around to your friends. Our greatest power is our music!


Here's the video that we hope to use as a t.v. commercial, but none of the t.v. stations we contacted came back with rates.


Speaker Linda Polley
CoHost Of "Here's Jesus!"
With The Lord Of Heaven

Below is a letter we sent to The Chamber Of Commerce. If you could help in this effort, or know anyone that would be interested, we would appreciate you telling them that you support it. God and His Son asked us to put up a copy for everyone to see so that they may know what God is proposing. He wants to build a Holiest Of All in Ellsworth, like the one that exists in The Kingdom Of God. And He wishes to dwell within it and have people pass through it each day on the sabbath and receive His blessings in male and female pairs. No one should ever pass through by themselves, and absolutely two men should never pass through together, or, two women, only male and female pairs. In this way a direct bond would be created between Heaven and Earth. If this structure was to be built according to God's instructions, we would be able to come and draw Him to it, so He would be able to dwell within. That is exactly what God wants, a literal earthly residence, a place where the people of God can receive His blessings, be empowered by Him to do His Glory.

February 25, 2,007


I'm Speaker Gerald Polley, an internationally known psychic now working for The Kingdom Of God out of Bismarck, North Dakota! But I'm a Maine boy. I was born in Lewiston, and raised on The Surry Road. I spent a great deal of my youth knocking around Ellsworth and doing odd jobs for people throughout the area. My wife and I lived in Ellsworth some years ago and carried on our work there, doing quite well, but then were forced to move. Jesus explains this in one of the messages below. I have recently started advertising the book we have written on KISS and in
The Ellsworth American.
It was only my intent to do this, but the response we got was so tremendous, so much power started pouring into The Kingdom Of God that Those from Ellsworth in The Afterlife thought there might be a possibility of reestablishing God's Glory there and went directly to God The Father begging Him for permission to make the attempt.
We do messages from Jesus each day that we put up on the internet called
"Here's Jesus!" Below are the addresses to several of them, that explains what is happening in The Afterlife with the people from Ellsworth, and also, to the message that God had us prepare for the people of Ellsworth. The former residents of Ellsworth in The Afterlife have asked God to have this message played three times a day on KISS for seven days. This would cost over $5,000 and there's no way we could afford it. But the people in The Afterlife that want this so much have again gone directly to God and asked us to write you directly and tell you of the situation, and to see if there is any possibility that someone in your organization would sponsor this effort, pay to have the morning segments played and God's eight minute message. We know this is a phenomenal request! We are sure you have never gotten anything like it before! But we are speaking absolutely truly when we say that God really wants to make His earthly residence in Ellsworth, Maine, that He wants to transmit His power from there throughout the world.
Here are the links to the messages that Jesus would like to get on

February 20 Living In Ellsworth

February 23 Determined Ellsworth Folk http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/hj/2007/February/DeterminedEllsworthFolk.mp3

February 24 Glory Back To Ellsworth

February 20 Special Edition God To Ellsworth, Maine http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/hj/2007/February/GodToEllsworthMaine.wav

Here, also, is a link to a video where Jesus explains that The Book Of The Nazarene is part of Our People's History and not in any way an attempt to rewrite The Bible. It is merely an attempt by Our People to honor His mission on Earth. He felt it important to share this with you so you would have an understanding of these things.

January 26 Not Rewriters! Video

Unfortunately there is only a limited opportunity for this effort to succeed. Once the power coming in to us falls below a certain level the effort would fail. That would be some time on the 8th and 9th of March. To succeed the effort would need to begin as soon as possible, by the 5th of March at the latest, to have any chance of success. If you have anyone in your organization that would want to bring God to Ellsworth, to help make Ellsworth God's Earthly Residence, do have them get in contact with us! There is still time, but very little. (Because of the incredible phenomena that has been happening it now looks like we will continue to have power for this effort through the 30th of March when The Holiest Of All in The Spirit Realm will be directly over Ellsworth. It does not usually stay any one place any great length of time, but if the strange phenomena that has been occuring should continue and We were able to make Ellsworth God's earthly residence, there is a possibility that the spiritual Holiest Of All may stay there permanently, for the first time anchoring The Spirit World and the material world together, something that has never been seen before! We're not sure how much longer after that. But the power is flowing. And on that date Heaven & Earth will be united in Ellsworth because The Holiest Of All in The Afterlife, the main power Source of The Kingdom Of God, will be directly over Ellsworth!)

Yours Most Sincerely,

Speaker Gerald Polley
1013 1/2 N 3rd St.
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 323-0241


FOOTNOTE: Below is the resume that we send out with our daily emails to our radio stations across the country to give you an idea of the things we have done before. While we lived in Maine there were articles in
The Ellsworth American, The Bangor Daily News and The Portland Press Herald. So we are known to the people of Maine!


One more thing! If you would like to share this message with anyone, to send it around to others in the Ellsworth area, especially the editor of The Ellsworth American, feel free to do so! We are very busy. We cannot do half the things that we want to do. So if you could help spread this message, let more people in Ellsworth know what is happening, it would be very much appreciated. Those in The Afterlife know that there are people in Ellsworth that want this! They desire so greatly that they have an opportunity to hear our message.

The former residents of Ellsworth begged us to take more action when They saw that there was a list of members on The Chamber Of Commerce web site. They asked us to email each one of them this letter and that They would send one Angelic Messenger and four family members to each person to bear witness to it. We did so. The only response we got was an obnoxious message from City Hall. Apparently they don't like the idea of God's Earthly Residence being in Ellsworth. (The Angelic Messengers are now going to each person that reads this letter to bear witness to them that our message is real. No one else in the world has The Angelic Messengers. Jesus appoints Them to our service alone. One is probably touching you right now, telling you to hear and believe.)

Click Here To Read God's Covenent With Ellsworth, Maine!