Speaker Gerald A & Linda J. Polley's
Resume Of Publications That Their Work Has Appeared In.
**Some With Links**

Here are just a few of the articles printed about us online that we are aware of.  If anyone knows about some others kindly email us at


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The Book Of Zines
An Interview With Us
By Chip Rowe
A Writer For Playboy Magazine

The Wireless Flash Article
About Californians Banned From Heaven

Imagine This: John Lennon's Music From Heaven
The Anomalist
High Strangeness Reports Archives

Country Joe McDonald's Page
Featuring the audio & Lyrics to John Lennon's
"It's Heaven That We're Fighting For!"
Channeled Through Linda J. Polley

The Detroit News -
Thursday, November 2, 2,000

City Pages 
Minneapolis - St. Paul

Guitar News Weekly 
Yet another very positive article about

our Work with John Lennon.

Show Business Weekly- This article mentioned "Where Has Eternity Gone?" the documentary film about our Work with John Lennon during the 2,000 U.S. Presidential Election,
having been featured at The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, October, 2,002.

The Bismarck Tribune- A fantastic article concerning Gerald Polley's
campaign for the Presidency in 2,008. Also mentions the music channeling.
Published October 28, 2,007.

The Lewiston Sun-Journal- Published November 1, 2,008
Yet another fantastic article concerning Gerald's campaign for the Presidency,
featured in the Maine town where he was born.
Unfortunately it's the last article about his unsuccessful campaign.


"Where Has Eternity Gone?" -   Directed by Barney Snow. A documentary which describes Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley's Work with the Spirit of John Lennon during the 2,000 U.S. Presidential Election.  This movie has been screened in London, England, on November 8th, 2,001, The Slamdance Film Festival , Park City Utah, January 15 & 17, 2,002, and The Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 21 & 23, 2,002 Edinburgh, Scotland.   


The Daily Show, Comedy Central
Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley appeared in July, 1998 on a segment called

"Don't Blame The Messenger"
concerning Californians being banned from Heaven
because homosexuality was more accepted in that state than in any other.
It was a phenomenal appearance that brought us in interviews from all over the world!
The only complaint we got was that they put a laugh track behind it.
But we said "Hey folks, this is a comedy show!" They were wonderful people and we had a great time!

The V. Graham Norton Show, U.K. Channel 4-
Speaker Linda J. Polley was the phone guest on the Friday,
January 24, 2,003 episode.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC TV
Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley were guests in the studio,
Hollywood, California, February 20, 2,004.
They were interviewed about John Lennon's new band in The Afterlife,
"Beatles & Friends," and sang one of John's new songs,
"Whacko The Clown."
**Click here to watch an animated video created by The Polleys featuring this song .
It is 9.07 MB best viewed on Windows Media Player.**

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley were the first guests to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's Future Talent Showcase to be invited back!  They were interviewed on June 10, 2,004 about John Lennon's Afterlife divorce to Yoko Ono and his upcoming marriage to Mary Marie Francesca. They sang a new song John wrote for Jimmy called
"Jimmy Rocks The Night! "   They were also the first "Showcase" guests to be invited back.  This also happened before the rerun of their first appearance on the show!

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing
"Jimmy, You're Our Hero!" By John Lennon, on November 17, 2,004.  
They were regular guests, no longer appearing on
Future Talent Showcase.  

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! December 29, 2,004,  in "Behind The Scenes Part 2" a special documentary about the making of the show.

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