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 Other Assorted Publications The Polleys Have Appeared In.

Omni Magazine - February, 1992

The Orlando Weekly - March, 1992

The Ellsworth American - Thursday, November 25, 1993

Playboy Magazine - May, 1994

Sports Illustrated - December 12, 1994

The Bangor Daily News - December 16, 1994

The Sporting News - August 14, 1995

Harper's Magazine - February, 1995

The Casco Bay Weekly - March 16, 1995

The National Examiner - July 28, 1998

The Portland Press Herald - October 19, 1998

Playboy Magazine - August, 2,000

Guardian Unlimited , The Guardian Guide- November 3, 2,001

Ammo City- November, 2,001

Dazed And Confused Magazine- November, 2,001

Mojo Magazine- November, 2,001

The National Post- January 22, 2,002

 Blogs The Polleys Have Appeared In.

Pacific Novelty

March 20, 2,008 Political Cartoons From The Afterlife

I'm Just Sayin'! A Kevin & Bean Show Fan Blog Various Listings

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley have also been mentioned in non-fiction books!

CHANNELING A Bibliographic Exploration
By; Joel Bjorling  From; Garland Press 1992

The Book Of Zines
By; Chip Rowe From; Henry Holt and Company Inc. 1997

Speaker Polley's material has also been featured in several small metaphysical magazines over the years and has been very popular.

The Messenger By Lily O'Donnell -  (No longer publishing.)

Factsheet 5 By Mike Gunderloy - (No longer publishing.)

The Star Connection - (No longer publishing.)

The Night Owl - (No longer publishing.)

Eklektikos - (No longer publishing.)

Journeys Of The Muse

Ghost Trackers Newsletter

The Raven's Cry

The Enchanting News - (No longer publishing.)

The Shadow Nation Times

Intuitive Explorations - (No longer publishing.)

Thunderbow II

The Polleys are regulars on many radio talk shows across the U.S. and around the world, even as far away as Tasmania, and have often been featured on local and national t.v.

Gerald Polley was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show October 8, 1998.

Is frequently interviewed on The Joe Show, WQAM, 103AM in South Florida.

Also, Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are frequently interviewed on
106.7 KROQ FM, The Kevin & Bean Show, Los Angeles, California.

The BBC Live radio station with Paul Coyte, London, England.

And on WIBC, The Dave Wilson Show, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Jay Thomas Show, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York City

The Richard Syrette Show, Toronto, ON, Canada
July 3, 2,008 Hours 2 and 3. About music from The Afterlife.

Click Here to listen Hour 1.

Click Here to listen to Hour 2.

Click Here to listen to Hour 3.

The Black Knight & Squire G Show From Berwyn, Illinois on Toginet

WABI TV - Bangor, Maine

Fox TV - Portland, Maine

See Page 1 of this resume for a list of their national t.v. appearances, and more!

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