March 13, 2,007
A Covenant With Ellsworth

A Covenant With God The Father
With The (Church Name Here) Ellsworth, Maine

Written At The Embassy Of The Kingdom Of God,
Bismarck, North Dakota

Be it known that I, who am called by the living, God, do make this Covenant with this church in Ellsworth, Maine, under these circumstances. That if they will build for me a Holiest Of All and each sabbath (sometime between sunset Friday, and sunset Saturday) they gather and worship me and pass through this Holiest Of All in male and female pairs at no time shall they allow a single person or two men and two women to pass through The Holiest Of All because this would be an abomination to me, and I would have to destroy those persons forever, they must always pass through one male and one female. This is an agreement of this Covenant, and any that violate that principle, as I have said, will be destroyed forever.
If said church builds this Holiest Of All and abides by my wishes in Its use, I hereby agree in this Covenant to come there and dwell therein, to make that place my earthly residence, the place from which all my power shall flow out unto the entire world. The place from which my glory shall be released to mankind. I would ask of this church that they invite the members of other congregations, not only from Maine and The United States, but the world to send representatives and on the sabbath have them pass through with the regular congregation, receive my power, and take it back to their respective churches. This Holiest Of All should not be strictly for one denomination, but should be shared with all of God's children. As long as those visitors agree to come in male and female pairs and pass through according to the terms of this Covenant they would be welcome.
There are only two individuals now on Earth that could empower this Holiest Of All, bring me and my companion to Ellsworth and install us in The Holiest Of All. Those two are Demetrius and Alura (known to the living as Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley) the true and faithful servants of my Son, who have stood by Him when so many others have failed Him. At this time I recognize them as my only true voices on Earth. All that they say is what I say, all that they give is what I give. Any that deny them, any that rebuke them are not of my Kingdom and will never enter my Kingdom. I bestow on them all my power and glory, and on them, alone. If anyone else claims that they can perform the wonders that Demetrius and Alura have been given to perform they are false prophets, false Christs, and the enemies of mankind. Any that deny them in any way are not my servants. For I give them all my power and authority. Because only by doing so would I give them the power to create this Holiest Of All, and to give me a dwelling place on Earth. This Church that is to receive my power agrees to recognize them as spreaders of their faith, as keepers of their truths, and shall give them the right to speak in any of their temples, to join men and women in holy matrimony, and to send those souls that have departed to me to receive the rewards that they have earned in my Son's service. This is a condition of this Covenant. My servants cannot bestow the power that they have been given if they are not recognized as servants of God. It is all I ask as a condition of this Covenant, other than the terms stated to make this Covenant function.
I will tell the world here and now, why it is that I desire this Covenant, why I desire this earthly residence. I will come to Ellsworth to fight those that are sodomizing my children, that are destroying my children with their perverted lust. I will use the power that flows out from this Holiest Of All to attack and destroy every single person that says they worship me but accepts sodomy. I will battle every so called minister, or priest, or rabbi that would join two men in wedlock or, two women. I will battle every one of them that says it is appropriate for two men to lie down with each other and lust for one another. I will destroy all who deny the blessing that I have given mankind; the male and female relationship, which is sacred and blessed and is the only thing that can be accepted. This is my purpose in wanting this Holiest Of All. This is why I seek this Covenant. I wish to save my children from eternal death, I wish to save them from those that in their lust and greed would destroy them forever. And that Church agreeing to this Covenant must know that that is my purpose, and that any among them, that in any way accepts sodomy must be cast out before this Covenant can become effective.
This is what I desire and what I would use this Holiest Of All for. I want mankind to fully understand my purpose before they agree to this Covenant, but if they do agree, I ask twelve representatives of this church, six male and six female, to sign this Covenant, and I ask my servants Demetrius and Alura, to sign it with their earthly names that it might be empowered with their earthly power. If this church, in good will and in understanding of my purpose, will agree to this Covenant, let it be signed and the date affixed to it. Then the work will begin to fulfill its purpose.


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A great spiritual battle has been fought May 26, 2,007, against the forces of Darkness trying to destroy God's efforts to establish this Covenant. The details of it may be read in the June issue of "Voices From Spirit Magazine." The link is below. The incidents leading up to the battle begin on page 29 and the aftermath goes to the end of the magazine. The Kingdom Of God needs all your prayers if mankind is to survive. These are desperate hours!


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