John Lennon's

New Christmas Song From The Afterlife
He Wrote With His Friends

George Harrison, Kurt Cobain & Johnny Cash

November 27, 2,007

Internationally known psychics Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley have been channeling songs from The Afterlife since 9/9/99 when Linda began receiving them from John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles. Gerald now channels songs by Kurt Cobain.
They were just working along one morning and got this! Apparently some soldier came to John and suggested the basic lyrics for this song. He says it's a message to his wife that she will recognize because it's things they always talked about and she knows he is there. So a whole bunch of them got together and made it into a song. It's kind of rock and roll gospel. How they can make something like this lively is amazing! But the way they do it is a real soul lifter! The Polleys really wish they could get somebody really good to sing it, to record it. Linda has recorded a demo of it. The link to this is below, along with the lyrics. It's The Kingdom Of God's Christmas song to the material world. If you have any comments or questions email them to


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To Hear Speaker Linda Polley
Sing This Song And Accompany Herself On Her Keyboard.
It's In MP3 Format For Your Convenience.
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By; John Lennon, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain & Johnny Cash

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. I'm not alone for Christmas,
no matter what they say!
Though I have lost my warrior
I'll never be afraid.
I know that you are waiting
There by Heaven's Gate,
You say there is no hurry,
You will gladly wait!

2. The children they don't understand,
Daddy won't be coming home.
They see the presents waiting
and they think I am alone.
But you are right there with me
standing by the tree.
To hear their laughter ringing
right along with me!

3. Yes I've lost my warrior,
but I'm not alone.
He was fighting for The Lord
and he has journeyed Home.
I know he will be waiting
at The Gate for me
When I go to join him
I'll give him all my dreams.

4. I'll not cry at Christmas,
I know I'm not alone.
My soldier's right there with me
standing in my home.
The Lord he stands beside him
I'll never be afraid!
There's no Darkness waiting,
there in the grave.

5. I'll sing the carols gladly,
bring others to my home.
I'll share the joy of Christmas
'cause I am not alone.
His love is always with me,
I'll never be afraid!
My soldier is waiting,
he's not in the grave.

My soldier is waiting!
I'll never be afraid!

Merry Christmas!

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