In April 2,007 "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" on ABC had the singer Pink as a guest and The Kingdom Of God did not like her new song she sang on the show, "Dear Mr. President" at all, as it contains some sarcastic comments against President Bush. Though The Kingdom Of God doesn't agree with everything President Bush is doing, it was felt some of the song lyrics were definitely uncalled for. Internationally known psychics Linda J. Polley and Gerald A. Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, who are most known for their channeled music from The Afterlife thought maybe John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles who has worked with them since 9/9/99 would come up with a song in reply to it. However he was too busy with his duties as Apostle Of Religious Assignments. So he gave Kurt Cobain, who has been taking his place with the song channeling for some time, a couple of ideas and Kurt threw this little ditty together that is now being sung throughout The Afterlife and raising power against this evil. But the lyrics of the song, which you can see below, are absolutely true! The Kingdom Of God's Forces are looking for every little fact about this person, trying to find anything to use against her. She has declared herself an enemy of God. We hope you enjoy Linda's mp3 audio demo, too! Linda tries, but she can't match Kurt's style! She can't scream that loud!

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To Hear The Version Kurt Cobain
Channeled Through Speaker Gerald Polley.
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By; Kurt Cobain
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Hey, little Pinky,
God, He wants your ass!
I'm not being rude,
I'm just statin' facts!
Yes, you've got alot of mouth,
There's no doubt of that!
Hey, little Pinky,
God, He wants your ass!

2. Hey, little Pinky,
You're smokin' too much grass!
You think you're better than The Lord,
There's no doubt of that!
The Angels are hunting,
For every little fact!
Hey, little Pinky,
God he wants your ass!

3. Way up in Heaven
Everybody's mad!
What this little bitch is doing
it is really sad!
But God He has to stop it,
There's no doubt of that!
Hey, little Pinky,
God will get your ass!

Hey, little Pinky,
God will get your ass!

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