Gerald Polley for President of the United States in 2,012:
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July 4, 2,012

Be it known to the world that God's Presidential Candidate made his Great Journey to The Afterlife on this date at 6:40 p.m. EST, at age 65.  He had colon cancer.  There will be no funeral or memorial services as these were his wishes.  He will be cremated and his wife Linda will be in charge of his ashes.  She will be continuing the Work however the campaign is over.  Gerald tried his hardest to serve God and save the world. Now God's hero is dead.  Pray the world can go on.  This web site will remain here as long as possible so the world will know what transpired.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

May 1, 2,009

Be it known that God The Father has asked Speaker Gerald Polley to again run for The Presidency in 2,012, that God desires that he make our ongoing campaign against homosexuality and especially homosexual marriage part of his campaign. The material on this site is still valid. Actually all the Spiritual Action Committees are still functioning currently fighting the homosexual movement. As soon as we can have individuals to maintain it we will start an official web site, still linking back to material on this one. But the fight continues! We will be seeking supporters in every state and our slogan will be


April 6, 2,011

Because Obama has declared his campaign God again asked us to make an official announcement, mine.  So here is the link to the video telling the world I am again running for President.  Obama's treachery in Libya is turning the world against us.  Though people are not expressing it deep seeded anger is growing towards The United States.  We must win back the good will of The Middle East.  It will be a fundamental part of my campaign.

Here is the link to the latest information.  It will be added to constantly.  God is sending messages almost daily to different peoples calling for their support and explaining what we're doing.  This site will certainly grow.  Though the information here is still valid things are happening constantly that cause us to add issues.  Keep checking!  And, send your suggestions!  Obama must be stopped!  God would like to see him impeached before the next election.  Save us alot of trouble and would break The Democrats' power.

The 2,008 Presidential Campaign officially ended
with the resignation of Jesus.
Click Here to read this profound document
that has been sent to President Bush. 

Gerald Polley For President, 2,012

Gerald Polley is an internationally known psychic working out of Ellsworth, Maine USA. He was born and raised in the state of Maine and is now 65 years old. He has been married to his wife Linda, also an internationally known psychic, for 40 years.

It has been decided that the official slogan of this Presidential Campaign shall be 

"Hope only becomes hopeless when no one cares.
So let there always be someone that cares!"

Speaker Linda Polley

He has been channeling messages from Those in The Kingdom Of God (Heaven) even God The Father, Himself, and His Son Jesus for many years now, though he, himself is a Spiritist, not of the Christian belief system. He is dedicated to helping all The Forces Of Good to keep the Earth going, protecting its people from the forces of Darkness, demons who say if they can't rule this planet no one will have it!

God wondered how many people would want to vote for Speaker Polley on the Republican ticket in the primaries, write him in on the ballots, as he would run on principles involving The Kingdom Of God's beliefs and be a completely honest candidate! So he has put together some ads The Kingdom Of God would like sponsors for on radio and t.v. stations around the country. We have made some samples. As of yet, of course, there are no Polley For President Committees. Here is the link to these.

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For Gerald's Ads And Much More!

If anyone would like to sponsor these ads you can contact The Polleys by email at

Jesus & Mary Magdalene have produced special audios to empower
The American People for Gerald's Presidential Campaign.
Click on these links to hear them, but these should be used with caution.
 Though Jesus And Mary Magdalene have abandoned the human race
their power has been left behind, distributed through their earthly servants.
So these prayers are still functional. 

Click Here For Jesus' Audio Message.

Click Here For Mary Magdalene's Message.

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For Gerald Speaks Out On The Issues.
These Are Video Messages.

As representatives of The Kingdom Of God we must join the boycott that is being called against companies that are supporting The Gay & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce because they will sell God's children to the perverts for profit.
Click Here for more info.

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For Gerald's Veterans Day Speech 2,007.
This Is In Four Audio Messages.

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To Read Letters Gerald Has Recently
Mailed To Organizations.

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To read a list of those who have requested to be removed
from Speakers Gerald & Linda Polleys' mailing list.
They have rejected God.

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To Read About "Heaven's Perfect Political Party Platform."

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To Go To "Here's Jesus! Audio & Video."

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To Go To "Voices From Spirit Magazine."

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For "The Speaker's Theme."

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For The Lyrics & Music Video Of
"Vote For Polley! (Stop The Pervert!)"

Gerald's New Campaign Song From the Afterlife
Against Obama For 2,012. 

On May 5, 2,008 a tremendous spiritual battle was fought in China using the power that was generated by The First Lady. God was so pleased that He wanted to give something to The American People for rising the power. We have little to give. But a lot of people love Speaker Polley's fiction stories, and we had one that we had intended to put up some time ago called "The Fighting President". God asked us to put this story up as a special reward to The American People. Here's the link.


This fiction book is a reward to The American People for defeating Hillary Clinton in the primaries, 2,008. we have little to give, but we will give what we can! Here's the link!


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Gerald's New Campaign Logo

Gerald's New Campaign Logo
Created By The Spirit Of Artist Jackson Pollock,
Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Gerald A. Polley.


Speaker Polley is not unknown. He and his wife are interviewed on radio stations around the world. The list of their accomplishments would be too long to put here. Visit their online resume to get a full idea of what they have done over the years, and the many publications they have been featured in.


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And The Grand Alliance
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