Jesus Empowers The Women Of America

Jesus has prepared a special audio empowering the women of America to work on my Presidential campaign. Here is the text of that message. But we must warn everyone, this is not a joke! If you receive this power it must be used rightly! It must be used in a Godly way. Any that try to use it for evil it will destroy them! If it used for the purpose that it is intended for, all will be well. But you must be warned not to use it for anything else unless you are positively sure that it is a good thing. Never try to use it to harm anyone, only to defend, and then all will be well.

Speaker Gerald Polley

Jesus Of Nazareth here! As Our Dear Demetrius begins his presidential campaign, Speaker Gerald Polley, he needs workers he needs women to come and work for him. And because of this I am going to do something very special. I am going to pour out my power to every woman in The United States that will come and work on Demetrius' campaign. I am going to give my power to them, because this is the actual way we do it. It has always been this way. The man always gives the power to the women, and a woman always gives the power to the men. Because this is the balance, this is God's perfect creation. So I am going to pour out my power to you. Open yourself to me. Relax and listen to my words. Feel the power of God!

There is an Angelic Messenger with you, now touching you, and telling you to believe, to receive the power of God, and to do God's will. Listen to my voice and understand that it is the voice of God speaking to you, and receive the power that God is giving you.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Glory be Thy name. Thy wisdom come, Thy glory done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Oh holy Lord, Divine Light Of Love And Truth, fill me with Your glory, oh Lord, that I may bestow on others that that You have given me. Bestow me, oh Lord, Your power and Your glory. Let that power and glory come through me, and go to those that will receive it, and use it for Your glorification.

We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one Soul.

We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one Soul.

We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one Soul.

I open myself completely to you, and you open yourself completely to me. I give to you all that I am, all that I ever was, all that I will ever be. We are one, now, and forever.

We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul.

What I have been given I give completely to you. All that is within me now is within you. What God has ordained, it is forever so. Take that which I have given you joyously, and keep it forever, for that that is within you will keep us forever one. Amen!

I have given you God's power. I have given you all that is within me. If you serve Demetrius, if you campaign for him, if you work for him that power is yours! Take it and use it for the glorification of God The Father. I have made you one with me, and I have made you one with Him. For you are His Glory you are His daughters, now, and, forever!

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