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A boycott is an organized effort of a group of people not to buy goods and services from businesses because they are upset about something the businesses or services are supporting. In a response they refuse to buy any item or use any service from said businesses and disrupt the economy of that business or service until such time as the businesses change their policies and stop supporting what is offensive to the people who are boycotting them. By refusing to use the goods and services of these businesses, the people are telling the businesses they will simply not accept the offending thing that they support, and will continue to refuse to buy goods or use services until they fully respond to their wishes, and stop supporting that that offends them.






Because The Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce and their members are helping supply spiritual energy to the creatures of Darkness, demons, who want to destroy Jesus, The Kingdom Of God, and the world. They say that their way is better, that people should be allowed to live any way they want, do anything they want, that nobody believes in God and Jesus any more, greed, hate and lust are taking over the world. They boast that because God The Father, and all The Leaders in The Afterlife do not support homosexuality, it is not in Their religious Teachings, Jesus will be destroyed, also The Kingdom Of God, then the world. By encouraging people to support homosexuality and lesbianism the demons are making progress in doing exactly those things. So all must be done to help stop them from promoting sodomy and save the world for the future of Our children.





The current effort to organize this boycott is being led by Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley, Bismarck, North Dakota, on behalf of God The Father, and all the other Religious Leaders in The Spirit Realm, because All There are appalled by what is happening, as Those are in The Kingdom Of God, and know if this situation is not turned around, it may well lead to the destruction of mankind. That the battle the people are fighting to save their children from sodomy is actually a fight to save the world from destruction. And all must join in the effort to cease this nightmare before it is too late. Therefore, not only Christians are being called to help in this effort, but the religious leaders of all faiths are asked to unify in this effort. This struggle is just as important to Buddhists, to Hindus, to those who worship in the old traditional ways of Middle Europe. It is a fight for the sanity of Our children, and the stability of the world, and all must unite in this struggle. No matter what they perceive The Controlling Force Of The Universe to be they must understand that the Force has been disrupted and that the people are being led into destruction by the dark powers that live only to feed their own lust and greed, to continue their own perverted existences. All must understand that these dark powers must be stopped. These evil souls that will destroy all for their own pleasure must be stopped.

You can contact Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley email at

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The links below will give full instructions on how this boycott is to be carried out. They are transmitted directly from God The Father. Great effort shall be made to let the public know exactly what God The Father wants.

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Businesses And Services That Should Be Boycotted


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The Official Song And Banner Of This Boycott


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How Should We Negotiate With Those Who Support
The Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce?


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Why Are We Doing This? Why Do We Hate Homosexuals?


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Dealing With Those Who Support Homosexuality