Remember, an Angel is with you while you read this information, what the Christians call The Holy Ghost bearing witness to its authenticity and truth. This Angel is sent to you from The Kingdom Of God. It is telling you to believe and to do what is right. Do listen to the Angel!






What should those people involved in the boycott do about individual Christians and churches that support homosexuality? Absolutely nothing! Those involved with the boycott should have no dealings, whatsoever, with individuals or churches that support homosexuality. No matter how many of these individuals claim to be Christian they are not. They follow creatures of Darkness. They might be good intentioned, but they are being led to do evil. No matter how much other good they do, no matter how charismatic their leaders, if they are bringing souls to salvation only to destroy them with homosexuality, they are false, and evil, and cannot be associated with. We are not saying these people should be hated, but as long as they are destroying the children of the world by leading them into sodomy, they cannot be treated as brothers and sisters, but must be kept separate. This will be hard for many, but it is something that must be done.



If we give donations to churches that are doing evil because they do some good, we are taking part in the evil they do, no matter how much we feel we are doing good. It is a hard truth, but a truth, nonetheless.


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