Remember, an Angel is with you while you read this information, what the Christians call The Holy Ghost bearing witness to its authenticity and truth. This Angel is sent to you from The Kingdom Of God. It is telling you to believe and to do what is right. Do listen to the Angel!






The answer to the question of how should we negotiate with those who support the gay and lesbian chamber of commerce businesses is that we should under no circumstances negotiate with them. We are dealing with people who are totally without honor, will do anything for political power, to whom lying and cheating is a way of life. Such people should not be negotiated with. Any attempt by them to negotiate should be ignored.



The terms of the boycott are simple. It will continue as long as The Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce is in effect. There is no compromise, there is absolutely nothing to negotiate. And under absolutely no circumstances should people negotiate with homosexuals over the boycott. Debating homosexuals shows acceptance of their views, gives them an opportunity to spread their poison to the public. Therefore, do not debate with them. Do not publicly argue with them. State clearly that homosexuality is a sickness, it is not a religion, it is not a race, it is not an ethnic creed. There is no point in arguing with the mentally ill. They will not listen, they will not hear. Their only goal is to promote their sickness, to make it acceptable. And if you debate with them, if you recognize them, you are helping them do that. Do not do it Do not help them. Oppose them. Stop them. Tell the world your views, but do not argue with them. It doesn't help.


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