Remember, an Angel is with you while you read this information, what the Christians call The Holy Ghost bearing witness to its authenticity and truth. This Angel is sent to you from The Kingdom Of God. It is telling you to believe and to do what is right. Do listen to the Angel!






Someone asked why do we and God The Father hate homosexuals? Why can't we just leave them alone, let them do their own thing, and do ours? The answer is we don't hate anyone or anything. Hate is a disease of the mind that destroys the reason and causes people to do irrational things. We deeply care for each and every homosexual. But we cannot condone their sickness. They are hurting themselves and everyone around them by what they do. And they must come to understand that. If they do what they want to do quietly in private and no one knows about it, they would go unseen. But when they start coming out on the street and saying that homosexuality is an acceptable alternate lifestyle decent people have to say "Whoa! You can't teach this to our children! It is unacceptable! Homosexuality is a mental illness. It is not a religion, it is not an ethnic creed, it is not a race. There has to be a boundary somewhere that people cannot pass. Some things are simply unacceptable. The teaching that homosexuality is acceptable is one of those things that has passed beyond the boundaries of reason, beyond the acceptability of rational minds."



We do not do these things for hate, but actually to keep those that are doing them from hurting themselves, and, others. And many homosexuals understand what we are doing. I have spoken to many over the years that actually disapprove of the openness of homosexuality, and even hate it, especially those who kept homosexuality quiet and had it exposed by members of the homosexual community because they wanted them to support their going public. They know full well that they should carry on their practice in privacy, out of the public eye. Unfortunately many of their associates do not.



This is why we do these things. This is why we must do them, not in hate, not even in anger, but simply because they are what must be done for the sake of all, including those we are speaking against. This is hard for some to understand, but it is the truth, nonetheless.


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