October 31- God The Father wrote to Boehner
again, asking him to encourage celebrities in
Nashville, Tennessee to join the Occupy Wall Street
protesters there to help them oust the governor.

October 30-
God The Father emailed Boehner
once again, asking him to encourage the people
of Tennessee to start a general Buyer's Strike
that will hopefully help oust the governor.

October 29- God The Father wrote to Boehner
again today, concerning John Paul II, and how
he is glad some of the atrocities committed by
The Catholics are being exposed.

October 28- God The Father send another
email to Boehner asking him and The
Republicans to help the Occupy Wall Street
protesters, and offers rewards for it.

October 27-
  God The Father has written
to Boehner again, concerning the prayer of
a mother whose child was forced to do terrible
things while serving in the military overseas.

October 24-  God The Father is mad!  He sent
an email to Boehner today explaining why
and asking him if he would help stop all funding
to the Afghan war, by tomorrow if possible!

October 23-  God The Father wrote to Boehner today
concerning France and England, and talked about
the ascension of Crown Prince His Royal Highness
Prince Sultan Abdel Aziz Al Saud.

October 21- God The Father emailed Boehner again
telling him how much He was displeased with Obama
sending Hillary to Libya,  also God told Boehner he
is needed now as he was in the days of old.

October 20- God The Father sent another
letter to Boehner today telling him he had His
servant Speaker Gerald Polley, send an email to
trash and portable toilet companies around New York.

October 18- God The Father has another letter to Boehner
today, tells him that Linda has a new music video
out against Obama, He wants him to get ahold of Syria,
and asks him again to join the Christmas Buyer's Strike.

October 15-
God The Father wrote to Boehner
again today, concerning the fact that torture
should not be allowed by the military, The CIA, The FBI or
 anyone. His servant, if elected president, will stop it.

October 14-
  God The Father wrote to John Boehner
again commenting on several important issues, especially
asking his help to make sure some states won't stop
prosecuting domestic violence cases due to budget problems.

October 13- God The Father finally wrote to
John Boehner today asking him to help
protect The Saudi Royal Family and
explaining why.

October 12-
God The Father didn't have an
email for Boehner again today but He did have
a Decree to the US Presbyterian Church concerning
His recent decree of damnation to them.

October 10- God The Father sent another email
to John Boehner today, He has damned the
Presbyterian Church, and is mad at a lot
of people which definitely isn't good!

October 9- God The Father wrote
to Boehner
again today telling some of Speaker Gerald Polley's
family secrets, He has caused embarrassment to the
Obama administration, and speaks on several other topics.

October 8
- God The Father told John Boehner some of
Speaker Gerald Polley's family secrets today, also
that He's keeping up His efforts in The Middle East,
and asks him for legislation against illegal drugs.

October 6- God The Father wrote to Boehner
again, asking him to contact The Chinese and
asking their cooperation, He's also taking credit
for the treaty between Afghanistan and India.

October 4-
God The Father is back to write to
John Boehner again, explaining what He was doing in
The Middle East yesterday, answers a comment from
Alice, and explains why he has to forsake America.

October 2-  God The Father writes a brief note to John Boehner
giving him a link to Speaker Linda Polley's new letter
to The Israeli Knesset, and explains why He just can't retire to
 The Holiest Of All and not fight to protect His children.

October 1- God The Father keeps in touch with
John Boehner, hoping to get the support of some
 Republicans or even Democrats to help with His
servant Speaker Gerald Polley's presidential campaign.

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