March 29- God The Father speaks about The United Arab Emirates
supporting Obama's destruction of Libya, more.

March 28- God The Father comments again on Princess Di's wishes
concerning her son's wedding & says Obama's statements about Libya are lies.

March 27- God The Father officially withdraws His support of The Omega Accords,
tallks about Libya, & The Republicans.  Also gives links to The Polleys'
anti Hillary Clinton videos.

March 25- God The Father speaks about Michael Jackson & other Imperial Havens
rebelling and sends a special request to Muslims in The United States.

March 24- God The Father sends a special message to the wife and children
of Barack Obama

March 22- God The Father makes a special request to every Islamic nation,
removes WLOS from The Book Of Life and compliments an AP writer
 for his article entitled
"A Perfect GOP Candidate Is Hard To Find."

March 21-  God The Father makes His official statement
against Barack Obama, pleads with the Islamic people of the world
to stand against him because he is trying to destroy Islam. 
God also explains why Muslims should respect and support

 Speaker Gerald Polley, His presidential candidate in 2,012.

March 19- God The Father sends an important message to
The People & Government Of Israel via The Fox News Network
who He desires to deliver it.

March 16- The Spirit Of John Lennon's official announcement that he is
taking over The Kingdom Of Jesus.

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