FROM JUNE, 2,011

June 26-  God The Father says everyone in The Afterlife
has been thrown off balance becuase of the NY State vote,
He has been asked to divert his March through San Francisco
to Albany, NY, that He's reaching out to Catholics and much more!

June 25-
 God The Father says everyone in His Kingdom was rejoicing
they helped The FBI catch two of the worst creatures
of Darkness,
until He had to damn NY State, He gives more
comments about The Pope and says noah610 thinks he fooled us.

June 24- God The Father is sad today because another synagogue
has rejected Him, He sent another Decree to The Pope, says the spirit of
Caylee Anthony is upset with Geraldo Rivera because of a comment he made
on Twitter about her mother,  answers questions from Alice & lots more!

June23- God The Father is in a little better mood today, thanks
to our friend Elgard using his research and finding out some hilarious info
about noah610!  He also answers questions from Alice and
as usual, there's more!

June 22-  God The Father praises "The Daily Show" f
having his servants Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley on in July, 1998,
which helped save His Kingdom from nonexistence, comments on
The Pope, Mrs. Obama, The Anglicans and much more!

June 21- God The Father does a favor for The Islamic People
 in The Afterlife and sends a Decree to The Pope instructing him
what to do to to help His servant, Speaker Gerald Polley and others.  
As usual there's lot's more including comments to noah610!

June 20- God The Father answers a couple of questions from
Alice on behalf of His servant, Speaker Gerald Polley,
He also tells off noah610 again who says he's not George Ferguson,
talks about a few complaints He's received, and much more.

June 19-  God The Father gives a very important Decree to
The Muslim People, comments on the governor of New York,
"The Green Lantern" movie,  an irritating faker
from yesterday's message, and more!

June 18- God The Father unfortunately removes yet another synagogue
from The Book Of Life, answers an important question concerning
His servant, Speaker Gerald Polley, and also a funny one
about a conspiracy theory.  There's lots more too!

June 17- God The Father is telling The Justices Of The Spreme Court
like it is in His message today, says the creatures of Darkness are still
continuing their efforts to stop us, explains why He says Olympia Snowe
is a lesbian, and lots more.

June 16-  God The Father really telling off a synagogue in Los Angeles
for threatening Him in an email, talks about needing an Israeli
courier/protector for his servant, says he's disappointed with the
situation concerning the gay judge, and as usual there's much more!

June 15-  God The Father says the creatures of Darkness were really
trying to stop this message from getting out,  also that He caused
Rev. Harold Camping's stroke to teach him a lesson, explains what
we have against North Dakota, and much, much more!

June 14-
God The Father says things were crazy at
his servant Speaker Gerald Polley's house Sunday, that there's a
request concerning the people of San Francisco from its former residents in
His Kingdom, how little happenings can change history for the better and more!

June 13- God The Father says his servant's main computer is
having problems and why, asks a question about Burbank, California,
and gives praise to John Lennon's new wife, Mary Marie Francesca, who is
the first female Apostle in The Kingdom Of Jesus! As always there's much more!

June 12-  God The Father talks about the people in His Kingdom
from Sacramento, California asking Him to make offers to the
Mayor and city council of Sacramento as well as those of Los Angeles & San Diego,
comments on Tracy Morgan, Casey Anthony's trial and more!

June 11- God the Father tells about another synagogue that
asked to be removed from His mailing list, also about a special
request from former residents of San Diego, California in The Afterlife
for special offers to be made to that city as well as Los Angeles, and lots more!

June 10- God The Father says there was another
spiritual battle last night but only in Ellsworth, Maine that caused
some bad weather. He also talks about the fires in AZ, Kali,
Pancho Villa and more.

June 9- God The Father tells about another horrendous
spiritual battle in Ellsworth, Maine and Los Angeles, California,
answers a question about The Holiest Of All and Los Angeles,
and as usual talks about lots more important things.

June 8-  God the Father explains how "Star Trek", "Star Wars"
and "Battlestar Galactica" were vehichles The Afterlife used to spread
His ideals, gives comments on Representative Weiner, Elgard's opinion on
the Ashtarian video, and if He could stay in Los Angeles if His servant moved there.

June 7-
God The Father tells the inside story
behind the incantation used in the "Green Lantern" movie,
gives a new message to Ashtarian Agents on Earth, & video link,
and answers more questions from Alice. A blockbuster message!

June 6- God The Father comments on the fact that
we got vindication concerning Michael Jackson's new song,
"Viva La Difference!" The Democrats, yesterday's email, and lots more.

June 5- God The Father explains what He meant
yesterday by The Brotherhood, talks about the comet
that was sent by aliens, JJohn Edwards, James Arness,
and much, much more!

June 4- God The Father tells how recently the first
time Speaker Gerald Polley started emailing His letters to synagogues
one requested to be removed from the mailing list, and speaks
about everything else from China to nuclear power & the national debt!

June 3-  God The Father explains the reason behind
the Massachusetts tornado and says He didn't do it.  He also says
his servant Speaker Gerald Polley, has come up with a compromise
for Michael Jackson and The Imperial Havens.  Also, there's lots more.
June 2- God The Father makes prophecy for Israel, reveals the
past lives of The Pope and Netanyahu, then explains how
an old enemy has returned.  As usual there's more!

June 1- God The Father tells more about where Speaker Gerald Polley's relatives
from his past lifetime when he overthrew The Holy Godden Empire are,
and who they are, also mentions Gerald's getting strange phone calls, and, more.

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