An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
God's Candidate For The Presidency Of The United States In 2,012
To John Boehner
Leader Of The House Of Representatives

07-12-02 AJ

Most Profound Greetings!

   I cannot tell you how much the Hispanic community in The Kingdom Of God is outraged by Newt Gingrich's comments on child labor!  It is simply absolutely disgusting!   That this man is the leading Republican candidate shows there's something seriously wrong with The Republicans.  There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it! 
    The great Mexican leaders Pancho Villa and Chavez beg of you to find some way of getting us some support so we can get to Iowa and speak against Gingrich.  They can tell you, you will be the hero of The Republican Party in The Kingdom Of God if you bring back some decency to this campaign.  That Gingrich is so popular with some of The Republicans is turning off the whole nation.  You know it, I know it, and everybody else knows it. But a few fanatics in the party want Gingrich because he supports one issue that drives their whole psyche.  We need the Hispanic people!  I will tell them outright, I have a problem with illegals but I will try to find ways where they can earn citizenship and I will protect their property. I will not let unscrupulous people steal it.  I am the candidate they want!  Because I will be fair to them.  I will not let people use them.    I will punish those that are creating the problem by knowingly hiring illegals and profiting from their misery.  I will do what's right, but I will not humiliate The Hispanic People for votes and I will not tolerate any that do! 
    People keep asking me to find some place for Gingrich in my administration to gain his support.  With such ignorance as this I cannot.  It's simply beyond me!  The man is a total and complete fool and will throw away the election. 
    Some are saying he's doing these things deliberately.  I can't believe that!   I can't believe he wants Obama to win!  But he's not a viable candidate.  He's gonna drag The Republicans down.  I need some temporary courier/protectors to get operations going.  I think it would be a great answer to Gingrich if they were Hispanic.  If they got me to Iowa, and helped me blow him right out of the campaign!  I think it would be just desserts!  So if you know any Hispanic young ladies that want to help their people, let them know what we need.  We sent a message to Eva Longoria praising her attack on Gingrich. Now there would be a great temporary.  She probably doesn't like my stand on homosexuality, but she would still give us fantastic power for a week.  Where does she live, anyway?  Naw.  Couldn't get her to be a campaign chairman. 
    Speaking of ladies we'd like to have serve as temporary protectors, we were appalled reading the reports of how a lesbian had her child attack Michele Bachmann at a book signing in South Carolina.  I've been asked what would I do if a child came up to me and made the same comment.  Well, this would be my answer.  "I'm sorry, son, but your mother is totally deranged.  She is a piece of filth.  That she has taught you to attack decent people who speak out against her perversion shows the depth of her insanity.  When I am president I fully intend to work for legislation requiring the authorities to take children away from people like your mother that teach them their insanity and have them attack people saying they're doing wrong for opposing their filth.  Now I would appreciate it if you'd leave.  You're mother's stench overpowers me.  I want to throw up.  People like her that do these things to children like you sicken me!  I would appreciate it if your mother would be removed from the premises." 
    That's what I would say to a child that made such comments to me.  I would tell it the truth.  I would tell it what its mother is, and if I have my way it would be taken away from her.  If a lesbian has children and is living quietly, not teaching those children that what she does is acceptable, she would be able to keep them, but if she's out in public using her children to spread her filth, they should be taken away.  It's that simple.  If they keep it to themselves, if they keep it quiet, if they tell their children "I have to do what I do but it isn't acceptable," then they can keep their children, but if they're teaching their children to attack the decent and say they're sick because they don't accept her, then those children should be taken away, no middle ground, no understanding how disturbed she is.  No one cares how much it would hurt her to lose her children.  If she's destroying them they should be taken away.  I won't hide my feelings, I won't hide what I believe.  This filth should not teach their children to spread their poison! 
    Now, again I'm asked by Those in The Kingdom Of God connected with Syria that you oppose Obama's efforts to intervene in that country, that you bring charges on him for his illegal intervention in Libya, for the murder of Libyan women and children.  Again, God asks The Arab Nations to remove the rebels in Syria, send them into exile, scatter them throughout their countries.  God asks them not to make war on Syria.  We must solve the problems in Syria by peaceful means, not by force of arms.  We are offering Syria great rewards for the services of a courier/protector.  If we could find sponsors in The United States to raise funds for that effort so we could tell The Syrians "Look, we've got the money in the bank to pay her allowance, to give her the thousand dollars a month that she will get for the rest of her life, no matter what else she does.  If she has successful co ventures more will be added to it, and she will get more each month.  If The Republicans help us raise these funds The Syrians and The Islamic People are going to look upon them favorably.  Military intervention in Syria could very well destroy the world, could begin a series of incidents that we would not be able to stop, that would destroy every man, woman and child on Earth. Therefore, it must not happen!   Your encouragement to those who can stop it will make you a hero for all time. 
    God's way is better.  God's way is the answer. Might not be popular, but it's the answer. 

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
And Wishes For A Time,
To  Dwell In The Holiest Of Los Angeles

P.O. Box 392
Ellsworth, ME 04605

(207) 812-1621