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Page 1
April 30, 1997

Chelsea Clinton Is Going To School
In California

What's Been Happening Here

Page 2
A Spiritist Speaks About
I'm Not Jesus!

Page 3
Bad News About
JonBenet Ramsey's Spirit

Page 4
The Spirits Speak
An Interview With The Apostle John

Page 5
Comments From The Spirits Of
Gene Roddenberry And Jackie Robinson

Page 6
Spiritualist Prime Minister Of Canada
By The Mouse Queen

Page 7
Have Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr.
Gotten Back Together?
 And More Questions About Them Answered.

Poetry Space
Inner Voice
By Renee Hatfield

Page 8
Unarius is Dangerous!

Page 9
Why I Do Free Radio Interviews

Page 10
The Simpsons
A Music Group In The Afterlife?

Book & Music Reviews
By  Speaker Linda J. Polley
Vision II Spirit Of Rumi By Graeme Revell

A Hero From The Past?

Page 11
Imagination's Place

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

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