The story below took place during the years when homosexuality was not as open and accepted as it is today. We do not, in any way, promote violence against homosexuals, but can, in no way, promote homosexuality. This was a situation where someone could not obey someone else's instructions that he had every right to give. No one has the right to fondle someone else against their wishes, male, or, female, and when a person is told NOT to do so they HAVE to respect that request. If they do not the reactions they get from the other person is their responsibility, not that person's.


By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

I've picked up many nick names over the years, the most common one being The Reverend, but I picked up one odd one one time that I will always remember!
I had been working an evening shift and found a job a few hours in the morning to help with the car payments doing prep work.
I'd worked there a couple of days when a long-haired guy walked in the door, came up behind me, slapped me on the butt and said, "Hi, I'm Joey, what's your name? How are you?"
"My name's Gerald," I answered, "and right now I'm very, very angry. Don't you EVER touch me again! A man doesn't do that to another man! You do it again and you'll wish you hadn't!"
"WELL!" Joey exclaimed, "That's the way I express myself, and if I want to do it, I'll do it. It doesn't bother anybody else, I don't know why it should bother you."
"It bothers me because I'm a man," I answered, "and I'm warning you, don't EVER do it again!"
Joey walked on through the kitchen greeting several of the other male employees the way he'd greeted me.
John, one of my co-workers came over shaking his head. "See you've met the boss' son!" he remarked.
"Why do you guys put up with that?" I asked.
"I've got a wife and three kids," John answered. "When you get older you'll find that when you have responsibilities you sometimes have to put up with things you despise to keep a job. I don't like it any more than you do, but I've gotta make a living."
The boss came by later and asked me to be understanding with his son. I told him to tell his son to keep his hands to himself.
I worked for several more days, avoiding Joey's greetings on many occasions, turning away from him and telling him to get away from me. Then one morning I came in in a very ugly mood, and didn't see him coming. He slapped me on the butt and cooed "Hello, Gerald!"
As he turned around I grabbed him by his long hair, slammed his face several times into the wall, threw him down on the floor, and proceeded to strangle him. It took several other employees to haul me off him.
The boss came out in a rage. "Get out!" he screamed, "Get out! I won't have an animal working here that can't understand my son's little idiosyncracies. GET OUT!"
"As soon as I'm paid what I'm due!" I answered.
"What?" the boss screamed, "You just tried to kill my son and you expect me to pay you?"
Joey was still lying on the floor going "Why does he want to hurt me just because I like him? Why does he want to hurt me?"
"GET OUT!" the boss said again.
"All right!" I answered, "I'll go right down to the police station and swear out a complaint. Let's see what THEY have to say!"
"Oh, no no!" the boss cried. "There's no need for the police! I'll pay you what you're due and a little more.
We don't need to bring the police into this!"
He got out some cash and paid me. "You know, Gerald," he commented, "you're one of the best workers I've ever seen, but you've got the personality of a wet rock! You really ought to learn to understand other peoples' feelings."
I said "Yeah, yeah!" and left.
A few months later I was walking down the street and heard somebody call out "Hey, Wet Rock! Hey, Gerald!"
It was John. I asked him how he was doing and he informed me he'd got another job. His wife had made him leave the other place.
"I'm not making as much money," he commented, "but now I'm being treated like a man. Your personality improved any?"
"Not a bit!" I told him.
Whenever I ran into any of the guys from that restaurant they always commented that I was a wet rock. I think it's one of the strangest nicknames I ever picked up!


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