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Page 1
Update About Mary's Journey

Page 2
Why The Kingdom Of God Declared War On The United States

Page 3
The Truth About Human/Alien Hybrids

Page 4
Mary The Peacemaker

Page 5
Technology From The Old Worlds

Page 6
"Not with ME You Don't!"
A Story From The Life Of Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 7
A Description Of
The 17th Race Of The Galactic Community

Page 8
Another Mystery From World War II Is Solved
Music Review; Meda By; Lloyd Grotjan

Page 9
A Report From
Yet Another Warrior Against The Darkness
Frequently Asked Questions
Book Review: Ultimate Journey By; Robert A. Monroe

Page 10
Imagination's Place
Jam Session
By ; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 11
More Trouble In The Kingdom Of God

Page 12
Lost Crowns Returned
Serbians Christians?

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