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Spiritism is an ancient Faith which its practitioners believe originated on an ancient world called Hades, and was brought to Earth over 500,000 years ago by the Survivors of a tragic war, that established colonies here on Earth, and later were destroyed in one final holocaust, which has been passed down in human legends as The Great Flood, or, Rain Of Fire.

What are some of the Principles that Spiritists believe?

No Supreme Being.
All things are governed by Natural Law.
The body and Soul evolve (Reincarnation).
Personal responsibility.
Worship of Ancestors and Lords Of Light.
The Second Death.
The innocent and helpless should be protected against aggression.
The Male/Female relationship is sacred.
Racism is forbidden.
Extra terrestrials still visit Earth but must not interfere.
Sacrifice is forbidden. (Shed no innocent blood.)
Do not profit from religious Teachings.
Support the Temple and share with others.

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After 500,000 years The Children Of The Lords are joyously celebrating because the first two Books of Their History have been made available to the public!


is beginning! And an online version is now available. The online version is available at this link.


A paper version is available.
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The current leaders of True Spiritism on Earth today are Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley, who do radio interviews across the country and around the world, who have been publishing VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE for over twenty years. In that time over 150 individuals from The Spirit Realm have spoken through them or given their Workers information. For interviews with the Polley e-mail them. You can use the automatic site below.

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