29 "It is too bad," Jesus commented, "that he had to do you a great service before you welcomed him. But at least, Andrew, brother of Peter, when you are given good counsel you respond to it. When kindness is done to you, honor it. There may yet be the makings of a man in you!"
30 Andrew bowed his head and watched his countryman depart, knowing he well deserved the rebuke

Chapter 13

Now, when they came down to the Jordan they made their way to that place where John was Baptising. Jesus removed all His garments but His loin cloth and went down into the water.
2 John bore witness to Him, saying, "Behold, The Lamb Of God, God's great Gift unto man, He whose foot gear I am unworthy to loosen, He who is the Truth and The Light, and of whose fullness we shall all receive. Grace for grace, for the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ.
3 No man has seen God at any time, but the only begotton Son which is of the bosom of God He has sent, and declared Him, that we may see Him. Behold, He comes before us!"
4 John bowed himself down, saying, "Lord, it is you that should baptize I. I am but your shadow, your herald."
5 "You are the man of this hour," Christ answered, "and the one appointed by God, that all should be done according to that that is written. So it is proper that you do that which God has declared."
6 John took Him and Baptized Him. As He rose up from the water and made His way to the shore, the heavens opened. A golden light shone down on Him. A silver light like unto a dove, came down from Heaven and entered into Him. A voice from Heaven cried, "Behold, my beloved Son, in whom I am most proud!"
7 All there were transfixed as Jesus donned His garments and departed. The Priests there sent to gather evidence against John that he might be charged with blasphemy, hastened to the temple, that they might report these things that had happened.
8 When Ciaphas heard them he trembled, for he feared for the nation.
9 Now no man knew where Jesus went, save Demetrius, who followed Him. They went out into the wilderness. There they journeyed for forty days and forty nights, living off the land and often the kindness of any that they came upon.
10 One day they had been without food for some time when Demetrius commented, "Some would say if you are The Son Of God you could command these stones to be made bread."
11 Jesus looked at him, smiling, and answered, "It is written that man shall not live by bread, alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Their body may hunger, but a man does better if his Soul is nourished."
12 One night they slept on a high mountain. They left their flesh, their Souls journeying out of their bodies. Unto every kingdom of the world did they go. Demetrius said to Him, "All this could be yours. All the world could be at your feet if you would grant that all the Fathers are one with God. Then yours and mine could be one."
13 They are not yet ready for what you will give them. They will twist it and turn it into something evil. They will use it to murder the innocent, to conquer the helpless. This world they will make run red with blood all in the name of The Prince who was to bring peace.
14 Think of the Power if we were to be united."
15 "Get you behind me, Satan," Jesus answered, "for you are the Tempter of Tempters, you are the Schemer of Schemers. It is written 'Thou shall worship The Lord thy God, and none but He shall you serve.'"
16 In the morning they awoke and went out, Demetrius stood on the precipice. "If you are The Son Of God," he challenged, "cast yourself down from here. For it is written 'He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you. In Their hands shall they bear you up, that at no time shall you stub your toe against a stone.'"
17 Jesus answered him, saying, "You shall not tempt The Lord thy God."
18 The two smiled at each other, made their way down the mountain, then went back to Galilee, where John was baptizing. As Jesus walked by John cried out, "Behold! The Lamb Of God!" Two of his disciples, hearing him, rose up and followed after Jesus.
19 After a time Jesus stopped and turned to them, asking, "What do you seek?"
20 They said unto Him, "Rabbi, we would know where it is you dwell."
21 He said to them, "Come and see!"
22 They came to His house and there dwelled with Him. He began to teach.
23 Now, one of these was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. He went unto his brother Simon, saying, "We have found The Messiah, He that is The Christ. He dwells in Nazareth."
24 He brought his brother up to Jesus. When Jesus saw him He said, "You are Simon, son of Jona. You shall be called The Stone."
25 So it was they began.

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