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Page Sixteen
Chapter Sixteen- Continued

Page One
Chapter One- The Conception Of John 
Chapter Two- The Conception Of Jesus

Page Seventeen
Chapter Sixteen- Conclusion 
Chapter Seventeen- Jesus Is Tested 

Page Two
Chapter Two- Conclusion 
Chapter Three- The Marriage Of Mary And Joseph

Page Eighteen
Chapter Seventeen- Conclusion 
Chapter Eighteen- Jesus And Nicodemus 

Page Three
Chapter Three- Conclusion 
Chapter Four- The Birth Of Jesus 

Page Nineteen
Chapter Eighteen- Conclusion 
Chapter Nineteen- Demetrius Gets Mischievous

Page Four
Chapter Four- Conclusion 
Chapter Five- The Visit Of The Magi And The Flight To Egypt

Page Twenty
Chapter Nineteen- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty- "Mother, Your Sins Are Forgiven You!"

Page Five
Chapter Five- Conclusion 
Chapter Six- Jesus' Sanctification

Page Twenty-One 
Chapter Twenty- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty-One- The Woman At The Well

Page Six
Chapter Six- Conclusion 
Chapter Seven- Jesus' Youth

Page Twenty-Two 
Chapter Twenty-One- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty-Two- Demetrius Defends 
Jesus Again

Page Seven
Chapter Seven- Conclusion 
Chapter Eight- Jesus' First Miracle

Page Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Three- The Jews Determined To Kill Jesus

Page Eight
Chapter Nine- The Rich Man's Son

Page Twenty-Four 
Chapter Twenty-Four- Condemn God Not 
In His House! 
Chapter Twenty Five- The Sermon On The Mount

Page Nine
Chapter Nine- Conclusion 
Chapter Ten- The Marriage Of John

Page Twenty-Five 
Chapter Twenty-Five- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty-Six- The Death Of 
John The Baptist

Page Ten
Chapter Ten- Conclusion 
Chapter Eleven- John Begins Baptising

Page Twenty-Six 
Chapter Twenty-Six- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty Seven- John Grants Forgivene

Page Eleven
Chapter Twelve- Demetrius Joins Jesus

Page Twenty-Seven 
Chapter Twenty Seven- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty-Eight- The Miracles Of John

Page Twelve
Chapter Twelve- Conclusion 
Chapter Thirteen- John Baptises Jesus, 
The Wilderness

Page Twenty-Eight 
Chapter Twenty-Eight- Conclusion 
Chapter Twenty-Nine- "Why Won't You 
Hear Me?"

Page Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen- Jesus' Ministry Begins

Page Twenty-Nine 
Chapter Twenty-Nine- Conclusion 
Chapter Thirty- The Harlot Anoints Jesu

Page Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifteen- Jesus Chooses His Disciples

Page Thirty 
Chapter Thirty-One- The Lord's Prayer 
Chapter Thirty-Two- The Parable Of The Sower

Page Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen- Conclusion 
Chapter Sixteen- The Arrest Of John

Page Thirty-One
Chapter Thirty-Three- How Shall We Know? 
Chapter Thirty-Four- "Be You Still!"

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