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Page Thirty-Two
Chapter Thirty-Four- Conclusion 

Page Forty-Eight
Chapter Forty-Nine- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty- The Parable Of The
Great Supper 

Page Thirty-Three
Chapter Thirty-Five- Going Out In Twos 

Page Forty-Nine
Chapter Fifty- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-One- "Forsake All And Follow Me!"
  Chapter Fifty-Two- The Parable Of The Prodigal Son 

Page Thirty-Four
Chapter Thirty-Six- "I Am Your Father's Friend." 

Page Fifty
Chapter Fifty-Two- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Three- The Parable Of The Wise Steward 

Page Thirty-Five
Chapter Thirty-Six- Conclusion 
Chapter Thirty-Seven- "Be Of Good Cheer, It is I!" 
Chapter Thirty-Eight- "You Have Come  For All The World!" 

Page Fifty-One
Chapter Fifty-Three- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Four- "Let The Little Children 
Come Unto Me!" 

Page Thirty-Six
Chapter Thirty-Eight- Conclusion 
Chapter Thirty-Nine- "Who Am I?"

Page Fifty-Two
Chapter Fifty-Four- Continued 

Page Thirty-Seven
Chapter Thirty-Nine- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty- Transformation On The Mount 

Page Fifty-Three
Chapter Fifty-Four- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Five- ":Lazarus, Come Forth!" 

Page Thirty-Eight
Chapter Forty- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-One- "My Time Has 
NotYet Come." 

Page Fifty-Four
Chapter Fifty-Five- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Six- "Render Unto Ceasar..."

Page Thirty Nine
Chapter Forty-One- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Two- The Seventy Sent Out 
Chapter Forty-Three- The Adulteress 

Page Fifty-Five
Chapter Fifty-Six- Conclusion

Page Forty
Chapter Forty-Three- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Four- "I Am Of The Father." 

Page Fifty-Six
Chapter Fifty-Six- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Seven- Jerusalem Is Doomed 

Page Forty-One
Chapter Forty-Four- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Five- "This Is Who I Am!" 

Page Fifty-Seven
Chapter Fifty-Seven- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Eight- "I Am The Light." 

Page Forty-Two
Chapter Forty-Five- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Six- The Parable Of 
The Good Shepherd 

Page Fifty-Eight
Chapter Fifty-Eight- Conclusion 
Chapter Fifty-Nine- The Foolish 
And Wise Virgins 
Chapter Sixty- The Last Supper 

Page Forty-Three

Chapter Forty-Six- Continued 

Page Fifty-Nine
Chapter Sixty- Continued

Page Forty-Four
Chapter Forty-Six- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Seven- The Parable Of  The Bridegroom 

Page Sixty
Chapter Sixty- Conclusion 

Page Forty-Five
Chapter Forty-Seven- Continued

Page Sixty-One
Chapter Sixty-One- The Apostles Understand 

Page Forty-Six
Chapter Forty-Seven- Continued 

Page Sixty-Two
Chapter Sixty-One- Conclusion 
Chapter Sixty-Two- "Father, The Hour 
Has Come." 

Page Forty-Seven
Chapter Forty-Seven- Conclusion 
Chapter Forty-Eight- "Oh, Greedy People!" 
Chapter Forty-Nine- The Parable Of  The
Mustard Seed 

Page Sixty-Three
Chapter Sixty-Three- The Garden Of 

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