20 Israel could become one of the greatest nations in the world. It could earn the respect of Rome and stand side by side with it, and both would become powers respected by the world.
21 But I tell you now, if you reject this Jesus, if you follow the desires of some of those among you and kill Him, such a horror will descend upon Israel as you cannot begin to imagine.
22 Heed my words, Ciaphas. You are not really a bad man. With a little guidance you could become a great man. Do not hinder us, help us."
23 "If the people make Him King," Ciaphas answered, "Rome will rise up against us. They will crush us and we are not ready to stand yet against Rome."
24 Demetrius laughed. "You will never," he answered, "be ready to stand against Rome. Your only hope with Rome is to become partners with her. Your plot to rebel will only end in disaster. It will begin the slaughter of your people that will last for centuries. You do not have to make Him King, make Him High Priest.
25 Let Him continue to teach the people. In a few years when Herod and his seed have been disposed of, Rome, itself, would crown Him King. You again would be High Priest, and Israel would be greater in the coming centuries than you could even dream of.
26 But I tell you now, I warn you, shed this man's blood, and I, myself, will lay the seeds that will insure your damnation."
27 Ciaphas rose in a rage. "Who are you," he screamed, "who are you to threaten Israel? What power do YOU have that you can promise such things? You admit, yourself, you are not of God, men have heard you say it. Why is it I should listen to you? What are you to me?"
28 Demetrius too, rose up in anger, for a moment threw off his human guise so Ciaphas could see what was within, what he truly was.
29 "THIS is what I am!" Demetrius screamed. "While your Fathers crawled in the mud mine ruled the stars. What you struggle to learn we have known for centuries. When we came to this world your Fathers bowed down and called us Gods. We could have used them as slaves, but instead we treated them as brothers.
30 This is what I am. You can stand with me, or you can stand against me, but I tell you now, if you stand against both Heaven AND Hell there is no way that you can win.
31 I will not waste any more time with you. Heed my warning. Don't oppose Jesus of Nazareth, don't seek His life. If you do, you doom yourself, and, all of Israel."
32 Demetrius took again his human guise and stormed from the house, leaving The High Priest trembling. His assistant entered fearfully, wondering at his master's wailing. "What say he," the younger man inquired.
33 The Priest pulled himself up and straightened his clothes. "He has told me that if we oppose Jesus Of Nazareth we are doomed, that He is of God, and that one is of Hell.
34 But who are they to tell us how to live? Who are they to take our hopes and dreams? We, too, have minds, we, too, have knowledge. I am sick of them pulling our strings.
35 God or demon I care not which, I WILL oppose Him. I WILL be my own man. Let's see if they have the power that they claim they have. Let's see how powerful this Jesus is when He is nailed to a tree!"
36 The young priest knew very well his elder was making a terrible mistake, but he knew also there was nothing he could do. The people of Israel, through their leaders, had chosen their fate. Now, only certain ones could be saved!

Chapter Forty-Six

As they went out of the city they passed a blind man who had been blind since birth. The apostles asked Jesus, "Who was it that sinned, this blind man, or his parents, that he was born blind?"
2 "Oh, foolish men!" Jesus answered, "Neither this man sinned, or, his parents. But this was done so the Works of God might be made magnificent in him. I must work the Works of Him that sent me, while it is day, for the night comes, then no man can work. But as long as I am in the world, I am the Light Of The World."
3 He took clay from the ground, spat in it to moisten it, and stuck it to the man's eyes, then ordered him to go to the pool and wash. When he did so, he could see.
4 All his neighbors rejoiced that his sight had been given him, but the Pharisees grabbed the man and brought him before the priests, saying that it was a thing of deception.
5 For it was the Sabbath Day and only one not of God would heal on the Sabbath.
6 But the man's family came and testified that this was indeed their son, and that he had been born blind.
7 The priests and the Pharisees threatened the parents, but they would not rebuke. They screamed at Jesus saying, "How can you be of God if you labor on the Sabbath?"
8 Jesus rebuked them bitterly. "You have made the Law Of Moses a farce. You have turned it into a joke. Do you think Moses would let a child drown on The Sabbath? No! He would save it. He understood God.
9 But you hypocrites understand nothing! I do what God commands, WHEN God commands it. But YOU follow the judgment and the word of man. You are blinded by your sin and it is blindness that not even I can cure.

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