46 Jesus answered Him, "What is written in The Law? What have you read?"
47 The Lawyer answered, "You shall love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your Soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself."
48 "You have answered rightly," Jesus complimented him. "Why do you ask me when you already know the way to Eternal Life?"
49 "But," the Lawyer asked Him, "who exactly, IS my neighbor?"
50 Jesus stroked His beard, then made answer. "A certain man left Jerusalem on a journey to Jericho. And thieves fell upon him, beat him severely, stripped him naked, and left him for dead.
51 By chance a priest passed that way, and when he saw the man he went to the far side of the road and rebuked him, saying, 'Sinner! Cover your nakedness!"
52 Awhile later a Levite passed, also. And he, too, went to the far side of the road.
53 Then came a Samaritan. He took pity on the man, went down to him, bathed his wounds, bandaged him, put him in one of his own robes, and, on his own beast, took him to an inn and cared for him, in the morning told the inkeeper 'See to his needs and when he is better have someone take him home. When I come this way again I will make it right with you.'"
54 Now, which of these three, I ask you, was neighbor unto him that was attacked by the thieves?"
55 The Lawyer wept and answered, "The man that showed mercy unto him."
56 "Then now you understand," Jesus commanded, "go and do likewise."
57 The Lawyer knelt before Him and cried "Rabbi!" then departed.
58 Now, as they traveled they came to the house of Mary Magdalene, and stayed with her sister Martha. As they were going to depart, Martha called to Jesus, "My sister has left me to strive alone. Bid her to remain here, that she might help me with my many burdens."
59 Jesus answered, "Martha! Martha! You are cheerful and troubled about many things, but one thing is needful. Mary has chosen that good Path which shall not be taken away from her."
60 There was among the disciples a young man. Jesus took his hand and put it into Martha's, saying "You no longer need a sister in your house, you need a husband."
61 To the young man He said, "No longer shall you follow after me, but now you will see to the needs of this house, and the one that dwells within it."
62 When Jesus did this, Martha trembled, crying, "Lord, I know not him, and he knows not me!"
63 Jesus answered her, saying, "But I know you both. Is that not good enough? If I say you are his wife, and he is your husband, would you truly deny me? Do not wait for the fulfilling of traditions, but on the morrow go and do that which is right by God then be joyous, one with the other, as it was my Father's intention that you should be." 64 Martha bowed her head. "Lord," she wept, "you have rebuked me. I will do that that you say."
65 Jesus lifted her head and smiled at her, saying, "I have rebuked you not, I have blessed you. If I have blessed you, dare any man rebuke you?"
66 As Jesus had commanded, that morning they did. From that day forth their happiness was a beacon unto all the world as to what a husband and wife should be!

Chapter Forty-Seven

Now, it came to pass as Jesus was praying one morning some of His disciples came up and said, "Rabbi, we have heard of this prayer you have taught your apostles. Have mercy on us and teach it to us, also."
2 Jesus did so. When He was done, He continued, "Which of you should have a friend and go unto him at midnight, saying 'Friend, lend me three loaves, for friends of mine have come from afar to visit me, and I have nothing to set before them.'
3 Would he say from beyond his door, 'Trouble me not. The door is bolted. My children are in bed with me. I cannot rise and give you what you need.'
4 I say to you, ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be open unto you.
5 For everyone that asks will receive. He that seeks shall find. Him that knocks shall the gate be opened to him. 6 If a son asks his father for bread, does he give him a stone and say 'Eat this?' If the child asks for a fish, is he given a poisonous viper? If he asks for an egg would he be offered a scorpion?
7 If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give of the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?"
8 The disciples understood that all He was saying was concerned with prayer.
9 Now, one day Christ was healing and driving out demons, and the Jews came among the crowd, saying "He is evil! He casts out demons because He is The Dark One, The King Of Demons!"
10 Others cried for Him to make a sign from Heaven. Jesus rebuked them, saying "A Kingdom divided against itself is brought to destruction. A house divided against itself falls down. If The Dark One also be divided against Himself, how would His Kingdom stand?"

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