74 But if that servant say in his heart, 'My Lord delays His coming,' and begins to frolic with the manservants and the maids, eats and drinks to drunkenness, the Lord of that servant will come in a day when he looks not for Him and at an hour when he is not aware.
75 The Lord will cast him out with but rags to cover him, and his bare feet to trod the road.
76 That servant that knows his Lord well, and pretends to do Him good but gives nine and says he is giving ten, that takes the daughters of other servants with the threat that he will cast them out. When the Master of this servant knows what he has done, He will lay straps across his back and send him forth weeping and crying.
77 Do not be them worthy of straps. Do not come before the Father bloody and beaten with just cause, for surely if you do, the Father will have to send you away to worse.
78 I come to set fire to the world and how can I if it is already kindled?
79 But I have a baptism to be baptized with, and now I am straightened until it be accomplished. Suppose you that I am come to give peace on Earth. I tell you now but rather division. For henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, two against three. Father shall be divided against son and son against Father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother against mother-in-law, daughter-in-law against mother.
80 For some will see The Light and turn from sin, but others will want to continue in sin, and be angry with them that show them The Light. For it will reveal The Darkness within them."
81 He said to the people, 'When you see a cloud rise out of the west, straightaway you say a storm comes. And so it is! When you see the south wind blowing, you say 'It will be hot today!' And it comes to pass.
82 Oh, hypocrites! You can determine the signs of the sky, and, of the Earth, but how is it you do not see the signs of this time?
83 Yes, even yourselves judge you not what is right. When you go with your adversity to the magistrate as you should in the Way, you give disclosure that you might be delivered fairly from him, unless he heed you not, hand you to the judge, the judge deliver you to the officer, and the officer cast you into prison.
84 I tell you, you shall not depart until you have paid every last mite that you owe to any man. So owe no man nothing, that when you come to the gate the magistrate has no charge with which to send you to the judge."
85 The people heard His words and understood their meaning, even His apostles knew them, so clear was that that He said.
86 When He was done saying this, all were pleased, but then a great murmur rose from the edge of the crowd. Jesus went down to see what the disturbance was.

Chapter Forty-Eight

He found there a group of Romans, men, women, and children, who had come to the edge of the crowd. Some in the crowd were angry because they were there, and were trying to order them away.
2 "Oh, evil people!" cried Jesus, "What a wicked nation that you will not share what God has given you. Rebuke them not, but let them sit among us. Let them, too, hear of God."
3 But some of the people cried out bitterly, "Lord, you are for Israel. They know not God."
4 "Oh, wicked, wicked people!" cried Jesus, "You listen but you do not hear because your selfishness is so great. Of course they know God!
5 You call God by one name, they call God by many names. Each aspect of God, each facet of God they give a different name. But God is God. Divine Love is Divine Love, no matter what it is called.
6 Your Fathers, in Their jealousy, shut off God to all the other nations, so God had to make Himself known to them in other ways. They, too, had their prophets and false prophets, some have been led astray. But there are still those that keep The Light, that know The Truth.
7 Go your way. Rebuke them not. I will sit and teach them now. From now on let them follow after, let them have a place that they might sit and hear."
8 Jesus sat for some time teaching them, telling them parables, and explaining the meaning of stories of their own gods.
9 The people were amazed at His knowledge, and soon many elders sat to listen, then went back to tell their people what He had said.
10 The priests and Pharisees were again angry. "Would a true messenger of Israel," they cursed, "share what is for Israel with the non-believers? Surely this man cannot be of God!"
11 In their greed they could not comprehend what Jesus taught them.

Chapter Forty-Nine

Now there was, in those days, some Galilaeans who had rebelled against the Romans, and who the Romans had fell upon while they were committing sacrifices. Their blood had mingled with the blood of the sacrifices.

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