Chapter Thirty-Five

Now, Jesus went out into the land to preach. And the people followed after Him, crying "Great Son Of David, have mercy on us!"
2 There were among them two blind men that followed after Him, and would listen to His every word, rejoicing in The Kingdom Of God.
3 One day Jesus went up to them, asking "What do you want of me?"
4 They both answered as one. "Nothing other than to hear you, Lord. For we rejoice in The Kingdom you promise."
5 Jesus asked them, "Do you not believe if you ask I would restore your sight?"
6 They answered, "Yes, Lord, but we are sinners and get by very well. Better you put God's blessing on them that need it more."
7 Jesus looked to Heaven, weeping. "My Father! My Father!" He cried, "Why are there not in Israel more men such as these?"
8 He put His fingers upon their eyes crying "According to your great faith is this done to you." Their eyes were opened, and they could see.
9 Jesus charged them, "See that you tell no man." But they were well known throughout their country. Men could not but imagine how it was they saw. And they had to answer "By Jesus, who is The Christ."
10 There was a dumb man who had an evil Spirit. He grabbed hold of Jesus as He passed. The man cried out bitterly, the demon left him as black smoke.
11 The man began to go about praising God and giving testimony to Jesus. The Pharisees said "He casts out demons because He is The Lord Of Demons."
12 Jesus spit on the ground before them, saying, "The greatest Demons in Israel dwell in your dark hearts. How glorious it would be if there were none of you found ANYWHERE in Israel. But your kind shall always be a curse to the Truth wherever it is spoken 'til mankind has the wisdom to cast out such as you!"
13 The people marvled that He had the courage to speak so openly against the powerful.
14 He turned to His disciples saying "The harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray you, therefore, to The Lord Of The Harvest, that He will send forth laborers unto His harvest."
15 Now, they went into a country where they were little known. Then Jesus called his twelve apostles together and gave them power and authority over all devils and disease.
16 He put the men who had wives with their wives, and the men that had no wives He gave unto them a woman to be their wife.
17 He sent them out thusly to preach The Kingdom Of God, and, heal the sick.
18 He said unto them, "When you go out always go out this way, a brother and, sister, together, that when you come into a place one may bear witness to the other.
19 While the brother shall preach to the men, the sister shall preach to he women. The sisters I give power equal unto the men. For in God's work all are equal.
20 The man is over the woman not by his superior power, but because he loves her, and she loves him. For this is God's commandment.
21 Let the woman follow but let her follow because she respects the one who leads her.
22 Take nothing for your journey, not a cloak, a blanket, nor bread. Take no money. Go only as you are. Whoever welcomes you in, there you will abide. Whoever sees God in you, them you will bless.
23 If any rebuke you, call you devil, and will not let you in their gate, leave that city and shake the dust from your shoes outside their gate. God will mark that place, and when the destruction comes it shall be rubble!"
24 They departed through all the land doing great wonders. The word of it made the nation tremble, for such Power had never been seen in Israel.
25 After the apostles had left, Jesus went unto Mary, who was called Magdalene, who was with His mother, saying unto her, "Come, woman. The Hour is at hand. Come, and be my wife."
26 She fell to her knees weeping, and hung to Mary's skirts. "Mother!" she cried, "Tell Him I am not worthy. I am a sinner. I was a harlot and a whore, defiled by men. There are women in Israel glorified of God. If He would enter into any let Him enter into one of these."
27 Mary took her face in her hands and blessed her, saying, "Daughter, that which The Father has blessed and purified is made new, that which was before is passed away into nothingness. That that is before me now is as a new born child, pure in every way before The Lord.
28 Do not question the Power Of God. Do not doubt Its Glory. He would not say that you are the one, had not The Father In Heaven made you worthy of Him."
29 She kissed away her tears, rose her up, and gave her hand unto her Son. They went out unto The Priest for His blessing. For Jesus would do everything according to what was good.
30 He told all about to keep it a great secret. For if it was known He had a bride, the Pharisees and the Scribes would seek her life.
31 The people rejoiced in the precious secret He had given them.

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