Chapter Twenty-Four

And it came to pass, on the second Sabbath after that day, that He went through a cornfield and the disciples, having had no bread, picked the corn and did eat, for they were hungry. And certain of the Pharisees said unto them, "Why do you do that which is not lawful to do on the Sabbath Day?"
2 Jesus answered them, saying, "Have you not read what it was that David did when he and his soldiers were hungry in the Service Of God? He went up into the Temple into the very House Of God, and took the shew bread and ate of it, and gave unto them with Him, that they might serve God."
3 This, too, was unlawful, but did your Fathers condemn David? I say unto you, let the Son Of Man also do what He will, for The Sabbath is His.
4 Oh, how foolish are some of you, that if a man was to enter your house on the Sabbath to slay you, you would not defend yourself, for it is The Sabbath and you would be slain.
5 Worse yet, if a man was to enter into your house on the Sabbath to do his will with your daughter, you would hinder him not because it is The Sabbath. And you would allow your daughter to be shamed before men.
6 I say unto you in this hour, that any man that does such things is not acceptable to God, and will not enter into Paradise. For he loves the traditions of man more than he loves those precious Gifts that God has given him. And if he does not respect what God has given him, why should God respect him?"
7 When some of The Pharisees heard this they were troubled, and became believers. But others hated Jesus even more.
8 It came to pass also, on another Sabbath, that He entered into the synagogue and taught.
9 And there was a man there with a withered hand. The Scribes and The Pharisees watched, hoping He would heal him on the Sabbath. But Jesus knew their cunning and had the man come and stand before them, then said to them, "I ask you one thing. Is it unlawful on The Sabbath Day to do good, or to do evil, to save a life, or destroy it?"
10 The Scribes and Pharisees knew they were trapped. That His mind was quicker than theirs. Then Jesus told the man, "Stretch forth your hand." And Jesus made it whole.
11 He turned to the Scribes and Pharisees with great wrath and rebuked them bitterly, saying, "You men of little minds! Let God do what He will in His House, and, on His Own Day. Put not your desires and your wishes into the mouth of God."
12 One of the Pharisees rose up angrily, crying "You are not of God! If you were of God you would not break His Commandments. You do not belong in The House Of God."
13 "It is you who do not belong in the House Of God!" cried Jesus. "Go forth from it and die, for you have rebuked God in his Own House!"
14 Angrily the Pharisee stomped from the synagogue. He had taken but seven steps from the sacred ground when he looked to Heaven, gave a loud cry, and his Spirit left him.
15 Those with him trembled in fear, and several returned to Jesus, saying, "Surely He is The Lord!"
16 But still some, not believing what they had seen, plotted against Jesus for to take His life.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Now, in this time, Jesus went up into the mountains all night to be in prayer. When it was day He called to Him his disciples and of them He chose twelve who He began to call Apostles.
2 Simon, who was called Peter, and Andrew, his brother.
3 James and John.
4 Philip and Bartholomew.
5 Matthew and Thomas.
6 James, the son of Alphacus, who the apostles called Little, for he was smaller than the other James.
7 Simon, who was called Zelotes.
8 Judas, the brothers of James.
9 And Judas Iscariot who the apostles called The Tailor, for that was his profession.
10 He came down with them and stood on the plains in the company of His disciples and a great multitude of people out of all the lands there about who had come to hear Him.
11 He healed many diseases and cast out unclean spirits.
12 When they came to a special place where He could stand above all Jesus stood upon a great rock, and His apostles spread out among the crowd.

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