6 It so happened that their pitcher was empty and Demetrius said "Do not trouble yourselves. I will go and fetch.
7 As he often did this, no one thought much of it, except Philip and Andrew, who knew Demetrius could be mischievous. They followed him to see what he was doing.
8 Demetrius went not to the inkeeper to buy wine, but instead went to the fountain, filled the pitcher with water, blessed it, and brought it back, filling Peter's cup, which was empty. "What we were drinking," he announced, "is gone. Tell me of this, Peter, if it is satisfactory, if it was worth the money."
9 And Peter drank of it and smiled. "As always, Demetrius," he answered, "your judgment is good. It is excellent, well worth the price!"
10 Andrew and Philip took too, and drank. Knowing the truth they were amazed, for the wine was fine, indeed. They looked at each other wondering whether to say or not, but they chose to remain silent until they could speak with Jesus.
11 And again Demetrius asked Peter, "Tell me in another way, how you know that Jesus is The Christ? Surely the wine is not enough! In some other way you must know that He is The One."
12 "Surely," Peter answered, "you have seen Him heal the sick. Could any but the Christ do that?"
13 Demetrius pondered this as they rose up to begin again their journey.

Chapter Twenty

Now, as they journeyed Demetrius held back, and Philip and Andrew held back, also, that they might watch what he would do. As they journeyed a cripple passed them, a man severely twisted, who hobbled along with the aid of a staff. They passed a bend in the road so they could not see him, or, Demetrius who followed. But Philip and Andrew went back to see.
2 Demetrius stepped in front of the cripple, seized his staff, and threw it away. "Cruel man!" the cripple cried. "Why do you do this? Give me back my staff!"
3 Demetrius answered, "Fetch it yourself!"
4 Angrily the crippled man tried to go to his staff but Demetrius hindered his way.
5 "Move!" the man cried angrily. "Why do you torment me? I have done naught to you. Let me have my staff!"
6 But Demetrius again stepped in his way. Now, the cripple was angrier, still. He began to pound on Demetrius' chest with his twisted hands. "Do not be mean to me!" he cried, "Let me have my staff!" As he struck Demetrius, his withered hands closed and became fists. As Demeterius backed off, the man pursued him, rising up and walking straight.
7 Again the man cried "Give me my staff!"
8 With this Demetrius smiled and said "Why do you need it?"
9 The startled man looked at him and then rose his hands looking at them in wonder. Then, he looked down at his feet and began to weep. "Who are you?" the man asked.
10 "Just a man," Demetrius answered.
11 "How did you do this thing?" the man asked.
12 "By the power of your Fathers that love you," Demetrius answered, "for though you have had every reason to be bitter you have always been kind and faithful. This day They have made it that our paths should cross and your prayers be answered."
13 "You are not even of my land," the man asked, "why should you care?"
14 Demetrius stepped aside and continued on his way. "Why should I not?" he answered over his shoulder.
15 And before the man could say any more he was gone.
16 Philip and Andrew hurried on, again filled with awe. Demetrius quickly passed them overtaking Peter. "Peter!" he cried, "You have told me two things by which you know that Jesus is The Christ. Tell me another, that I might understand your great belief better."
17 "My dear Roman," Peter cried, "today you are full of questions. All right. A third thing you ask, a third thing I give you. He can forgive sins. Who, but The Son Of God can do that?"
18 Again Demetrius fell behind pondering this, and Philip and Andrew also, to see what he would do.
19 Now, they went by the cemetery and there was a woman within, weeping by a grave. Demetrius stepped aside and entered in. "Woman," he asked, "Why do you weep?"
20 The woman looked up. "Good sir," she cried, "this is my daughter's grave, whom I love very much. But one day I was careless while I did the wash, busy talking with my neighbors and I did not pay attention to her. She slipped from the rocks into the water, and when someone finally saw her it was too late. She had drowned. So now I weep because of my sins."
21 Demetrius sat down on a rock and looked to a shadowy place. Out of it came a child's voice. "Mother," it cried softly, "mother."

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