22 The woman looked up and cried out "Rebecca?" "Mother," the child's voice came, "Why do you weep? This day they have made it that our paths should cross and your prayers be answered. Did you not tell me again and again to stay off the rocks, not to go near the deep water? If I had not disobeyed I would not have lost my life. If there was sin, mine was the greater. Do not cry any more mother. Go home.
23 It is a holy man that is with you, a man of mischief but also great kindness. He has given me but a moment but in time we will have forever in Paradise. I will wait for you."
24 Then there was great silence and only the blowing of the wind. Demetrius rose and extended his hand. The woman took it and rose to his side. "Who are you?" she asked.
25 "Just a passing friend," Demetrius answered. "Go home, woman, heed your child's words. Your sins are forgiven you, weep no more."
26 The woman kissed his hands and departed. Philip and Andrew hurried off to be with the others when Demetrius joined them.
27 They went up into Sumeria where Jesus already was. They entered the house where Jesus was, and Demetrius asked Peter again, "How do you know that Jesus is the Christ? You have given me three good reasons, but there must yet be another one."
28 Peter saw Mary who was with them and said, "Yes, Roman. Here is the greatest proof of all. She has bore Him when she was a virgin. Surely that is the greatest of proof that He is The Messiah."
29 Demetrius contemplated this greatly. There was with them Peter's youngest daughter who had just entered into womanhood. Demetrius began to contemplate her heavily. When Philip saw this he rose up and went to Jesus.
"Rabbi," he cried, "forbid him! For it would not be right to do such a thing to the child!" 30 Jesus asked him of what he spoke. Philip told Him and all gathered what had transpired.
31 "Philip," Jesus scolded, "still you do not know Demetrius well enough! He might contemplate such a thing, but he would not do it, for the child's sake. But stop your mischief, Demetrius. You trouble their minds and they will be troubled more than enough. And Peter, if you do not watch your tongue, it will put you in Hell. I will have to make a special effort that The Holy Spirit, when It is given to you, puts an extra binding on it, so it does not run wild!"
32 All spent the night discussing these things and wondering.
33 Peter's daughter came to Demetrius. "You wouldn't WOULD you?" she whispered.
34 Demetrius' only answer was a mischievous smile. The girl hurried off and sat by Jesus, who looked at them both and laughed. "Oh, my brother!" He cried, "You are as mischievous with the women on Earth as you were in Heaven. WIll you ever change?"
35 Demetrius did not answer, but these words that Jesus had said made the others wonder more.

Chapter Twenty-One

Now while these things were happening John was prisoner of Herod. And at first Herod was angry with John, for he told the people of his sins, and would not let the people forget that he had taken his brother's wife and not married her and COULD not because his brother still lived. But the more Herod spoke with John the more he liked him. Soon there grew a strange bond between the two men. Though Herod kept John imprisoned, to please the Jews he treated him with all kindness. He was well fed, had good drink, and his disciples were allowed to come and go from him without interference.
2 Herod sought a way that he could be rid of John without killing him. So when the Roman Augustus came to him and offered a solution Herod was well pleased.
3 "Rome wants no trouble in Judaea," Augustine commented. "If this John is put to death the people might rebel. Say that you cannot hear the case, that you cannot decide it, and send him off to Rome.
4 Along the way he will become lost as happens at times, when people travel under the protection of Rome, and he will never again return to trouble anyone in Judaea."
5 Now, when Herod heard this he was overjoyed. Rome would rid him of John. He would have to do nothing but send him away.
6 So he made agreement with Augustine that in two weeks' time he would release John to Augustine to be taken to Rome.
7 When Augustine heard this he was pleased, for he wished no ill to come to his beloved son-in-law. He went away to tell his daughter that all would be well.
8 But the wife of Herod's brother was angry. She hated John because he exposed her sin, and made men look upon her as what she was. She determined that John should not leave Herod's custody alive. She began to plot a great evil. But none, save her, knew of it.
9 Now, Jesus was in Sumeria preaching. The Jews were angry with Him over this, for they hated the Sumerians, and would not speak with them. But this Jesus went up among them as if they were His own.
10 One day, after much travelling, Jesus sent His disciples away and took a different road into a city that was called Sycharnear that Jacob had given to his son Joseph.

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