38 "I hear God," Demetrius answered, "in the song of the morning bird, in the cry of a newborn child, in the prayers of the repentant and the righteous, in the prayers of a child."
39 Christ turned to Philip. "You are in error," He remarked harshly. "I will pray to my Father In Heaven that every Soul in Israel comes to know Him as well as Demetrius knows Him, comes to hear Him as well as Demetrius hears Him.
40 Say not that a man knows nothing until you ask him what he knows. Do not believe that simply because you belong to another house you are wiser than another man.
41 Demetrius' Power comes from his great love and is given to him by his Fathers, as my Power is given to me by my Father. We were brothers before this world was young and we will be brothers when this world turns to dust."
42 Jesus said no more and departed. Philip went off a ways and wept bitterly for Jesus had rebuked him harshly. But from that day forth he called Demetrius Rabbi, which means 'Teacher' and those others that Christ chose, also, following his example, did likewise.
43 When Christ was not at hand Philip would often seek Demetrius' counsel.
44 They made camp for the night, then, in the morning went down to the shore. There Peter, James and their cousins came in with their boats but their boats were empty. They had fished all night and caught nothing.
45 When they neared the shore Jesus called out, "Have you any fish?"
46 Peter answered, saying, "I am sorry, Lord, we have fished all night and each time we cast, our nets returned empty."
47 Then Jesus said to him, "Back off but two ship's lengths and cast your nets from the right side of the boat."
48 Peter argued, saying, "Lord, I am a fisherman. I can tell you there are no fish here."
49 Jesus answered, saying, "Peter, if you love me, do that that I command you to do."
50 Then Peter did as he was bid. As they closed the net it grounded, almost pulling the ship under. Peter called his cousins to help. They filled both boats to overflowing then still dragged some ashore!
51 The number of the fish and their great size marveled all who saw.
52 When Peter was near to shore he leaped from the boat, ran to Jesus, and fell at His feet. "Lord!" he cried, "Forgive me! You told me to do and I questioned you. I will NEVER disobey you again, even if it means my death."
53 "Peter, Peter!" cried Jesus, "Be careful what you say. You do not want your tongue to lead you to sorrow."
54 None, save Demetrius, understood what Jesus said.

Chapter Seventeen

Now they went on to a certain city, and as they entered therein, a leper came before them and fell on his face before Jesus, saying, "Lord, if you will, make me clean."
2 Jesus put His hand upon his head and said, "As you wish, it is done. You are clean."
3 Immediately the man was clean. Even flesh that had rotted away was restored!
4 Jesus charged him to tell no one, but go and show himself to the priest and make offering for the cleansing, as Moses had commanded for the testimony unto them.
5 But even so the fame of Jesus spread all about, and great multitudes came together wherever He went, to hear Him and be healed.
6 So He withdrew for a time, into the wilderness to recharge Himself. When He returned again to preaching, scribes and doctors of the law were sent out of Jerusalem to test Him.
7 They brought a man unto Him on a litter who was taken with palsy. They thought to prove that He could heal not. However his family believed greatly, but they could not get to Jesus because of the multitudes around Him. So they went to the roof of the house He was in, removed the tiles and the beams, and lowered the man down in the midst of the company before Jesus.
8 When Jesus saw their faith His heart was open to them, and He said unto the man, "Arise, man, your sins are forgiven you."
9 The scribes and the Pharisees began to whisper among themselves, saying, "Who is this that speaks blasphemy? Who can forgive sin but God, alone?"
10 Even over the murmor of the multitudes Jesus heard them and answered, saying, "What reason you in your little minds, in your twisted hearts rather it is easier to say your sins be forgiven you, or, to say rise up and walk? But that you may know that the Son Of Man has Power upon Earth to forgive sin, I say to this man arise, take up your litter and go to your home!"
11 And immediately rhe man rose up before them, took up his litter, departing to his own home glorifying God.
12 They were all amazed and glorified God, being filled with fear and saying "We have seen strange things this day."
13 As He went out He saw a Publican named Levi sitting and collecting taxes. He said unto him, "Follow me." And he rose up and followed Him.
14 Levi made for Him a great feast in his own house, and there a great company of Publicans and others sat down with them.

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