7 Mary answered, saying, "Lord, how can this be? For I am a virgin, and no man has entered into me."
8 The angel told her, "The Glory Of The Lord has come upon you. By The Holy Ghost have you conceived. By the Power of The Most High have you been overshadowed and fulfilled. The child within you shall be called The Son Of God.
9 To assure you that this is of God, I will tell you of something that has come to pass by the Glory Of God, that your cousin, Elisabeth, has also conceived a son even in her old age. For six months it has been with her. For though she was called barren, nothing to God is impossible. These two sons shall be as brothers, for their destiny is tied, one with the other."
10 Mary prostrated herself before the angel but he knelt down and lifted her. "Do not do this thing," he commanded, "for you bear God within you. I am God's messenger. It is I who must bow down to you, for you are to me, sacred and blessed."
11 Mary wept, answering him, "Behold, the Handmaiden of the Lord, unworthy to bear that that is within me according to your word."
12 The angel kissed away her tears, blessed her, and departed. Mary made haste to the city of Judaea, entered into the house of her cousin, bowed down at her cousin's feet, put her hands on her fullness, blessed it, and told her cousin all that had come to pass. The child within Elisabeth leaped with joy at Mary's coming. She knew by the Power that it gaved her, that all Mary had said was true.
13 She, in turn blessed her, saying, "Oh Holy Child, blessed shall be you among all women. For no greater Glory shall be done by any woman. My Soul sings with joy, and rejoices in the love of my God. For He has put within you my Lord and my Savior. For He has rendered unto the lowest of His servants, unto the humblest of His children the Power and the Glory that shall bless all the generations to come. How mighty is the great things that He has done! How holy is His name! How wondrous is His mercy that He removes from them all fear from generation unto generation.
14 The strength of His arm is mighty, the Power of His heart unquenchable.
15 He has put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of the lowest degree.
16 He has fulfilled the hungry with good things, and His richness shall never empty away.
17 He has held up His servant, Israel, and redeemed him with His Mercy.
18 That which He has promised to our Father, Abraham, he has fulfilled in this seed that you carry."
19 Mary stayed with her cousin for three months then returned to her own home.
20 Elisabeth's time was fulfilled. She brought forth with joy, a son. Her neighbors gathered, praised The Lord with prayer and song for The Gift that He had given her.
21 According to tradition he was circumcised and named John. His father's voice returned. He sang great praises to the Lord.
22 He spoke of all the prophets and all the things that they had said would come to pass. He told the people, "Seek after holiness, seek after righteousness for the Glory of The Lord has come. In our generation these things that have been prophesied will come to pass. For we are in the Age Of Glory."
23 When the people heard these things, they trembled for they knew The Power of The Lord, of The Holy Spirit, was upon him.
24 The child grew in strength and wisdom, was much in the house of his cousin as at times, his cousin, also, was in his house. The bond between them was like the bond of those who had come from the same womb.

Chapter Three

Now when Joseph heard that Mary was with child he did not believe what was said and considered withdrawing his proposal, saying he would not take her for wife, for she had betrayed her vow and known another. But as he was a just man and did not want to see her stoned, he sought to do this privately, that she might be sent away to bear the child so that no one would know.
2 But as he prayed in the evening an angel appeared before him announcing, "Oh, Joseph, Son Of David, fear not to take this blessed woman Mary unto you as your wife. For that which is within her is conceived by The Power and The Glory of God. The Son that she shall bring forth is Jesus, who is sent by The Most High to save His people from their sins. This was done by The Power Of God, that the words of The Prophets might be fulfilled as was spoken through them by The Lord. That behold, a virgin shall be with child and bring forth a son. They shall call Him Emmanuel, which is to say, 'God Is Among Us.'
3 Hear me, oh Joseph, just and honorable man. Be not afraid to be with this woman and fulfill all her needs as a husband. For from the seed that shall come out of her by your loins shall be The Kings Of Nations, Prophets, and Queens. All manner of good shall they do for their brethren and their sisters until the end of time.
4 For as God promised Abraham his descendants shall be as the grains of sand upon the ocean's beaches."

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