9 They journeyed out one day. A great multitude was following them. But Christ told them to stay back a way so He could teach His disciples. The people obeyed Him, though they wished to hear, also.
10 Though it was the mid of the day the clouds grew heavy, the air became as death.
11 Sheba clung her newborn to her as if in fear something would snatch it away.
12 Suddenly there was a great cry like that of a beast, and something appeared on the road before them. At one time it might have been a man, but now it was a twisted beast, its naked body covered with scars and unkempt hair, its fingernails daggers that had torn many a throat.
13 It gave another great cry and rushed towards Jesus, but Jesus did not move, nor did He tremble even as the thing leaped into the air and would have been upon Him.
14 But Demetrius seized it from the air, and with great force dashed it onto the ground. It gave a loud cry, snarling bitterly. "Why do you defend Him, Son Of Heaven? Why do you keep me from his throat? You are enemies, your fathers were enemies, your sons will BE enemies. Let me destroy it now, before it does its foul deed. Let me put an end to it here and now!"
15 Demetrius cursed it, saying, "Foul thing! Speak not of my Fathers, or, of His Fathers. The past is passed, our TRUE sons will never fight one with the other. Only the false teachers, those who claim the Light, but like you dwell in The Darkness will stand against Him.
16 If a man is lost at sea and his ship is battered by the storms, if he sees a beacon light, does he care what harbor that light brings him to? No, a wise man seeks refuge in The Light.
17 Begone! Go seek the other foulness that is like unto you!"
18 The foul thing rose as if to leap again, and Demetrius drew his blade. "Be warned, foul thing," he cried, "this blade is of My Fathers! Beware its sting!"
19 "Son Of Heaven," the foul thing cried, "you error. My enemy is your enemy. Ally with me and together we will destroy it.:"
20 "Mine are a people of honor," Demetrius answered, "not of filth! We will not destroy the good, even if it is not of our house. If we succeed we succeed because we have been honorable. If we fail no man will question that we failed WITH honor! Now go!"
21 The Dark Thing turned as if to leave but again leaped for Jesus. This time Demetrius' sword caught it in the air, driving into its belly.
22 There was a bright flash and a sound like thunder. Again Demetrius cast the foul thing down onto the ground. It lay there writhing in pain, crying out in a loud voice, "Oh, Son Of Heaven, you lied not. That blade WAS Your Fathers'."
23 Jesus put His hand on Demetrius' shoulder. "It has said too much. It puts confusion in their minds. They wonder at its words. Put an end to it now, before its words do more damage than its claws."
24 Demetrius understood Christ's words. Stepping forward he gave a mighty blow and severed the foul thing's head from its body. A blackness like smoke rose from it drifting towards Sheba.
25 But Jesus and Demetrius blocked its way. The sun suddenly burst forth. There was an agonizing cry that seemed to come from everywhere. The darkness withered, and was gone. All of them trembled.
26 Peter came to Jesus asking, "Lord, should we bury it?"
27 Jesus answered, "No. In hours it shall be dust. It is already decayed."
28 The others understood Him, for already the stench of it reached their noses.
29 "No," Jesus said, "I have another mission for you, Peter. Go down to the shore unto your boats. Go you out and fish. For this great number that follows us will be hungry. We shall need to feed them."
30 Peter did not question Christ's command, but went straight away down to the water to do His bidding. As they walked Philip came unto Jesus, saying, "Lord, this Roman does great deeds. He has wondrous Powers, some not unlike your own. How is it that it is so? How can a man that is not of God do such things? How can one that does not know God perform such wonders?"
31 Jesus stopped and looked at him strangely, then looked to Demetrius who was but a way off. "Demetrius!" He cried, "Tell me...what is God?"
32 Demetrius looked startled but then gave answer. "God," he began, is Infinite Law, is wisdom, truth, all that is good within a people, all that makes them praiseworthy, the Light that guides our Eternal Spirits through The Darkness."
33 "Define Infinite Law," Jesus requested.
34 "Infinite Law states," Demetrius continued, "that there is a price for everything. That what one does determines what comes unto them in this life, or, the next. If a man does good, then he will KNOW good. If a man does evil then surely evil shall come unto him. For such is the way with things. So it is far better to do good than evil, for the price of evil is very great."
35 "Where do you see God?" Christ asked.
36 "I see God in the sunrise," Demetrius answered, "I see Him in the smile of a child. I see Him in the stars of the night."
37 "And where do you hear God?" Christ asked.

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