Chapter One

Now, as it should be that things should be written down as they occurred, and not to the whim of man, I, called Demetrius, son of Travius, do sit forth this Reckoning, this History of a Great Lord, that nothing that He has done shall be sat aside through the ignorance of man. These things I sit down from my own memory, and from those things reported to me from others. But knowing these others to be of good character and honest men, I know their tellings to be true.
2 Now, it began in the days that Herod was king of Judaea, that a certain priest named Zacharias came into the temple in the performance of his duties, and was terrified to find an angel standing by the altar.
3 When Zacharias saw him he trembled with fear but the angel comforted him, saying, "Be not afraid, for I am a messenger from The Most High, bringing you the most glorious tidings. For The Lord Of All The Heavens has heard your prayer. In the fullness of time when you are again with your wife, you shall come upon her, and fulfill her. There shall be born unto her a son who shall be called John.
4 He shall be to you all joy, all gentleness, and in him shall be the fulfillment of your line.
5 He shall do all things righteous, and he shall be filled with The Holy Ghost, even while he is in his mother's womb.
6 In the prime of his manhood he shall go forth and herald The One Who Is Coming. He shall gather up the people for Him by The Spirit that is in him, and by the Power of Elias shall he bring the hearts of his people to wisdom, justice, and ready the people for Him That Is Coming to prepare them for The Lamb Of God.
7 Rejoice in this I have told you, and know that it is soon to come to pass."
8 When Zacharias heard these things he spoke and said, "Lord, how can these things be? I am an old man. My seed is spoiled and the womb of my wife, Elisabeth, is dry. How can I fulfill her?"
9 "Oh, man of little faith!" cried the angel, "I come unto you giving you these glad tidings. In your foolishness you doubt them, yet knowing from whom these tidings come. What fools you mortals be! Because you have doubted, because you have questioned what God has said, you shall speak no more until all He has said has come to pass. In that moment that your son first breathes then shall your voice return, for then, surely, you shall know how great is the Power Of God, how great is The Gift He gives you!"
10 So it was Zacharias went out of the temple. By writing in the dust he told the others what had happened to him. They were filled with fear, for he had doubted God. They sent him forth to be with his wife.
11 When she heard of what was to be she laughed and said "You have had a foolish dream, old man!"
12 But in the night her desire for him returned, and he came upon her. When she was fulfilled, she wept, went out, and rejoiced with her sisters, saying, "Look how glorious is The Lord! I laughed at Him, but He pitied me, did His Glory unto me, and I am fulfilled! How great is the forgiveness of God, and, His mercy! Be joyous with me, my sisters, in my time of bearing. For surely my child shall be great aamong men."
13 So it was that The Proclaimer, The Herald, was prepared for Him That Was To Come.

Chapter Two

Now, The Lords Of Haven were troubled, for their descendants had strayed from the path that their teachers had given them, and fallen into the traditions and practices of their neighbors. For many ages they stored Their Power, that They might create a new Teacher, and give Him great wonders to perform, that the people might know they had sent Him forth.
2 They caused Their lines of descendancy to combine with one-another until it came to pass that two of Their Children, descendants of the great King David, lived in the city of Nazareth, in the territory of Galilee in the land that was called by its people Judea.
3 The man was called Joseph, the woman, who was his betrothed, was called Mary. When Mary and Joseph were near to each other The Hosts Of Heaven took the seed from Joseph, purified it. They purified the egg within Mary, and They combined the two. Though Joseph had never entered into Mary, though she was still a virgin, she was fulfilled; with child.
4 When Mary prayed one afternoon, an angel appeared before her, saying, "Hail Mary, full of grace, holy are you among women. For The Lord Of Haven has blessed you, and come upon you. You are filled with The Child Of His Glory."
When Mary saw the angel, heard these things, she trembled and feared greatly. The angel said to her, "Fear not, for you are blessed among women, and favored by God. That which is in your womb is blessed, The Son Of God, who you shall call Jesus. He shall be great among men, shall be called The Son Of The Highest.
6 God shall give unto Him and His descendants the throne of His father, David, He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever. His kingdom shall know no end, for it is eternal. Glory to that which you bear!"

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