By: Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Sometimes over the years, I've had some pretty tricky bosses.  One in particular I remember quite well.  His name was Earl, and he'd been in the restaurant business a good many years.
I'd been working for him for a couple of months and noticed that the place was really out of control.  The manager wasn't doing a good job at all!  He wouldn't enforce any discipline in the kitchen.  One day Earl came in with a seedy looking guy.
"This is Terry," he announced, "an old friend of mine.  He's rather down on his luck and needs some work for a while.  We need a dishwasher so put him to work."
The manager begrudgingly said "I suppose so!" and Terry joined the crew.  While the other people were showing him the wrong things to do I was showing him the RIGHT things!
Terry worked with us for about two weeks, then one morning he arrived at the door when I did early in the morning.  He was dressed in a business suit, clean and shaven, and looked like a totally different person!
"Good morning Gerald!"  he announced.  "Would you mind accompanying me to the office?  I need a witness."
"Sure!"  I remarked, totally bewildered.
We went into the office and Terry announced he was the new manager, and that the old manager's services were no longer required, and that he was to leave immediately.  He could call the boss to confirm what Terry said.
The old manager did so, gathered his belongings and quickly departed.
"Thank you, Gerald," Terry announced.  "Return to your duties."
I got set up and watched as the rest of the crew trickled in.  As they did so, several new people arrived.  When everybody was there except one guy who was always late, Terry came out of the office.  He pointed to two of the cooks and two of the dishwashers, and said "You, you, you and  you...OUT OF HERE!  You're all done!"
"You just can't fire us like this without warning!"  one of the cooks complained.
"You have a choice," Terry answered.  "You can be fired or you can be arrested.  It's up to you and that goes for the rest of you.  We have enough evidence to charge you all with grand theft if we want to, but we don't want to waste your time as we will never recover any of your property.  The choice is yours.  If you want to contest  your dismissals you may do so, but it's for your own good you don't."
He walked over to the remaining cook and introduced two other cooks.
"You're now head cook," he announced.  "I want these gentlemen trained to do it right.  No more of the sloppy work that we've been getting."
"Yes sir!"  Al announced, and led the cooks off to begin training them.  He then called over two others and introduced them to me.
"Gerald, you're now head dishwasher and stock man," he announced.  "You have charge of everything that does not pertain to cooking.  I want you to train these two gentlemen for the morning work and then train Peter and the new night people for the night shift.  There will be an appropriate increase in pay for these new duties.
"Gee, thanks!"  I complimented.
"No thanks necessary," Terry answered, "we appreciate the work you do here!"
Notwithstanding the rest of the time I spent on this job was enjoyable, though it still had it's problems...EVERY job does.  But it's a lot easier when you're working with cooperative people.  It sure makes things a lot smoother.


Faith is not by traditions or ceremonies, or by learning.  Faith is by belief.  A man can perform all the ceremonies that are customary to his people.  He can do all that is right all of his life.  But if he does not believe, if he does not hold what he does in his heart sacred, he has no faith, no matter how much he is praised, no matter how much he is admired.  If he does not believe he is not with God.

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