By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Continuing in the line of the last story, some weird things can happen in hotels and restaurants!
We were having a considerable wedding party one time and we had one of those mischevious children that liked to cause trouble.  We made non-alcoholic punch for the children, but when no one was looking he switched it for the adult's spiked punch.  As a result we had twenty-five very intoxicated children roaming around the hotel and getting into everything.
I was sent upstairs to see if I could find some of them and get them back to their parents.  Searching the upstairs banquet rooms I heard giggles and cries of "More!  More!"  I came into the room to find several boys watching a girl of perhaps 9 or 10 dancing on the top of the table taking off her clothes.  She was down to her underpants when I grabbed a tablecloth, wrapped it around her, and took her down off the table, much to the young men's disappointment.  Then I managed to herd them over to the corner where there was a phone and called downstairs for help.
Several of the parents arrived including the young lady's mother.  "Catherine!"  she demanded, "Where did you ever get the idea to do something like that?"
"It's what the ladies do in daddy's movies!"  the little girl answered.  "The BOYS seem to like it."
"Daddy's MOVIES?"  her mother snapped.  "Where's her clothes, sir?"  she asked.
"Over there on the table," I explained.  "There's a restroom right down the hall."
"Thank you very much!"  the mother continued.  "Come along, young lady!"  she snapped, leading her daughter to the table.  "Just where does daddy keep these movies?"  she asked.
I couldn't hear the little girl's response, but I had a feeling when daddy got home that night he was going to have a LOT of explaining to do!  An AWFUL lot!
I was teased for some time by my coworkers about the incident, comments I would not put down here.  I was glad when the incident was finally forgotten!  But that was a very long day.  Drunk adults are bad enough, intoxicated children? Forget it!


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