By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Over the years I have met other interesting animals besides dogs.  I think the most incredible I ever came across was Ferdinand, who was the biggest, fiercest looking bull you ever saw, but was as gentle as a lamb!  When he wasn't performing his duties his owner would let him into the lower pasture and the neighborhood children would come up.  The farmer would lift them over the fence, put them on Ferdinand's back, and he would happily trot them around the field!  I even took a turn one day.
Ferdinand was just a big baby that weighed over 1,000 pounds!  Down the road was another farmer that had a cantankerous bull that wasn't half Ferdinand's size, but thought he was the terror of the world, bullied the cows, and charged anyone that came near...even gave his owner a hard time now and then!
One day he busted out of his barn...literally, right through the side, and began to terrorize the neighborhood.  He broke down several fences and finally ended up in Ferdinand's pasture where he went charging towards the cows.
Suddenly Ferdinand trotted around them, stood his ground and gave a loud snort.  That little bull took one look, gave a loud grunt, and ran.  He didn't stop 'til he was back in his own stall, trembling.  He could not move for several days and after that seemed terrified whenever he left the barn.  he was so shaken that he could no longer bully the cows.  They began to terrorize him to the point that he could no longer perform his duties, and he ended up the winter's hamburger and roasts.
I had several witnesses tell me of this encounter but I wish I had been there to see it myself!  That runt of a bull had terrorized me several times, and I'd loved to have seen him when he came eye to eye with Ferdinand!
I particularly enjoyed my hamburgers that winter.  They just seemed a little bit tastier for some reason!


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