April 16, 2,007
More Miracles For Pope John Paul

John Lennon is very excited that his son Julian has sold the rights to some of his old music, and he finds it very odd that the company that bought those rights has also bought the rights to some of the old works of his new friend Kurt Cobain, who is taking over a great deal of John's work channeling music from The Afterlife because John is so busy with his duties as the Apostle Of Jesus Christ Of Religious Assignments, as one of the Leaders Of The Kingdom Of God. He feels this is a great opportunity to get his new music out to the public. He has contacted some of our old associates who are very busy, but he desired greatly that we write to them and see if there was any possibility that they could get someone to sing and release a couple of his new songs, especially "Remember The Springtime." He still has some desperate hope of his message reaching Yoko, and having her turn from the Darkness she is following and join the efforts to save mankind, that he might yet save her from eternal death. If there is any possibility that they could arrange something he would gratefully appreciate it.
Speaking of John Lennon, he is continuing each day to fight in the battles around Ellsworth, Maine, and to heal The Kingdom Of God's wounded warriors afterwards. This publicity about John right now is a God send! It has increased the flow of power to him considerably, which is enabling him to do more. But he has help. Pope John Paul has joined the effort to heal Heaven's wounded. Each day he has taken over the duties of restoring Jesus and others who are wounded in the daily battles, and he's showing a remarkable amount of ability! We believe Linda's medical reports are so favorable because The Pope has taken over exclusive duties of giving her healing sessions three times a day. He is the channel through which the healing is coming to Linda. We would not call her recovery miraculous, but it is definitely good! She now can go without her sling during the day, and does not have to have her brace to sleep. The doctor only wants her to wear the sling when she is outside or travelling to let people know there is something wrong and to show an extra amount of caution. Though this is a tremendous burdon to us; Linda can still not lift anything with this arm, and must take it very easy, the continued good progress is appreciated. We wonder if The Catholics would consider this another one of The Pope's healing miracles for his elevation to sainthood.
In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers the questions "Where is Heaven?" and how old was Mary when she gave birth to him? Answers that will shock some people.


Everybody's been wondering with everything going on, how we would ever manage to bring Jesus anywhere for a t.v. interview. Well, unless the very existence of The Kingdom Of God was threatened, Jesus would be there because of the importance of the interview to raise power. But We already have intelligence reports that the creatures of Darkness would launch all out assaults both in Ellsworth, Maine, and, in Hollywood, California, trying to break the effort if it was ever to occur, trying to tie Jesus down so He would not be able to make the interview. But Jesus has plenty of other people that can fight! And just as soon as the interview was over He would rejoin the battle. But there is little doubt the creatures of Darkness would do all in their power to stop the interview. Jesus getting national attention is one of the things they fear most. But The Kingdom Of God's Forces will be ready! They'll be more than ready! It has already been arranged that every former American marine would defend Hollywood along with support troops from the army, and every other American military organization. They have asked for no Angelic Warriors. They want the defense of Hollywood to be purely human, and they have asked if that defense becomes necessary that John Lennon lead them. Jesus has agreed and put John in full charge of preparing the defenses. He is depending heavily on the former generals of the marine corps for his strategy. If the demons are stupid enough to attack, they'll be coming into hell!
Linda got a demo ready of "Hey, Little Pinky!" As we keep saying, this is only a demo. Linda can't sing in Kurt Cobain's style. She can't scream that loud! Here's the link.


Everyone wants to know how Do Ho made out. He had a very easy journey to The Afterlife, and was given a royal Hawaiian welcome, literally! He's a little upset about what's going on, which is understandable. There was only one incident that marred his arrival. A woman came to Lord Peter petitioning him not to let Ho into Heaven because he was mixed racial and had had ten children, thereby adding to the impurity of the race. Lord Peter imediately ordered the woman cast out of Heaven. Ho objected, asking Lord Peter for forgiveness, but Lord Peter told him that The Laws Of Heaven had to be obeyed, and when people were told such ignorance was ended they had to accept that. Such petitions were no longer allowed, they were forbidden! The Lord had commanded it. The woman had transgressed The Law Of Heaven and had to be cast out. It was the only sad note in Ho's arrival.


I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.
( Dwight D. Eisenhower )

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