April 2, 2,007
Demon Fire!

Well, it's official! It's a broken arm all right! But it's not separated from the elbow and they're hoping if they can keep it immobile for four weeks it'll heal itself, and Linda will just be a little stiff. She's having a real hard time and Gerald has to dress her every morning, help her take a shower, and all that nice stuff. It's really embarrassing but we're getting through it. It's really going to set back our work, and the expense is going to be horrendous! Any donations are gratefully appreciated. We don't know how we'll ever get her to physical therapy if she needs it. She may have to do that at home. That mignt not work out as well. But we're doing the best we can. As we said before, people our age have gotta stop horsing around! It's too easy to get hurt! Those in The Afterlife are calling Linda's fall "The Great Tickle Disaster".
We have heard that the remains of James Doohan, Scotty in "Star Trek", are going to take a little ride into space April 28th, and then come back, be recovered, and be given back to his family with a placque saying that he went into space. Well, We'd like to take James on a much longer trip! When We leave Earth in a hundred years or so, We'd like to take his remains with Us on one of the ships to be the first resident in the cemetary of the new colonies that we form. This would help establish a spiritual world in that Afterlife! And We also intend to invite Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the rest of the original Star Trek crew to come along if they would like. We'd like to go on national television and present them with certificates from Jesus telling them that they're welcome to come along! Even Mr, Sulu is invited to come along, of course if he survives The Afterlife! We understand that Scotty has already made it known that he wants to be reborn in time to go with Us in his material form, and be the chief engineer on one of the ships. Well, We had intended him to be the captain of one of the ships, but if he wants to be the chief engineer first, and work his way up, and be captain later, that's perfectly all right with Us! Also, Gene Roddenberry has requested a space on one of the ships! Boy! We're gonna have quote a cemetary on that world!
The situation with The Pentecostals in The Afterlife seems to be settling down. John Lennon, at last, is being able to make replacements of their lost leaders and get some semblance of order in the group. It is really, really terrible! The've lost over 65% of their memberships! 65% of their followers have abandoned them! They're down to 35% of what they used to be, just a little while ago. And the loss of so many of their leaders has been devastating to them! It is believed that very shortly you will begin to see a lot of discourse in this church on Earth, and a lot of these churches breaking up, a lot of them just folding up and disappearing, people being absorbed into other churches. What is happening in The Afterlife will probably be copied in the material world, and this church will begin a drastic decline in popularity. It will probably be inevitable unless something can be found to bring them back up, and bring people back to them in The Afterlife that used to be faithful to them. But that would take a miracle, it would take a response from the material world that we don't think could be put together, that these people could do. But the loss in The Afterlife is tragic. The last of those that took part in the rebellion against Jesus, have ceased to exist forever, the last of these fallen leaders are gone! It's terrible to see! And it hurts Jesus very much when people rebell against Him and destroy themselves forever. This is another one of these great tragedies, but the dark powers are still seeping into The Afterlife. Every once and a while they corrupt a few and make them do something totally and completely stupid.
The spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine continue to rage with incredible intensity! that the creatures of Darkness can still summon so much power worries Us tremendously! We are afraid that they may drain so many of their living agents and cause them to die, that they will break the bond with life and cause the world to fall into a death spiral and everything on Earth will die. But the battle continues, and The Kingdom Of God is still holding. We love to report good news like this, but We are worried. We need to end this struggle somehow, and perhaps the only way of ending it is to get God's earthly residence in Ellsworth. Then the demons would be defeated, and they couldn't carry on the struggle any more, they would be driven from that area because the power there would be so great they simply couldn't stand to be there! But The Holiest Of All is still stayig put over Ellsworth, and cities around it are still sending power to it, like what used to be done in ancient times. People have forgotten that in ancient times The Holiest Of All stayed right over Jerusalem all the time, and that cities around the world sent power to It, so It wouldn't move around. This was the process that used to be. And it's been so long since this has happened people have completely forgotten about it! This is the first time it's been seen since The Romans conquered Jerusalem and destroyed it! So this is an incredible phenomena! We love to report things like this, concerned with everything that is happening, because if We do not end this struggke soon, it may be too late!

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I see America, not in the setting sun of a black night of despair ahead of us, I see America in the crimson light of a rising sun fresh from the burning, creative hand of God. I see great days ahead, great days possible to men and women of will and vision. ( Carl Sandburg )

Only a blind man isn't afraid of the dark.
-An Old Haven Expression

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