April 20, 2,007
Hollywood Fighting Begins

Jesus utterly condemns NBC for showing the video of the Virginia Tech shooter. This should've been turned over to the police, the police should've studied it, and then it should've been destroyed. This lunatic should not have been praised. His ravings should not have been shown. He should not have been glorified! The sickness of the press to sensationalize is feeding these lunatics. Now the next one is going to make a video and send it in before he kills. Don't give these people what they want!
Should've sent this out yesterday, but that email was full, and They really didn't want us to use the second one. Though we have not had an inkling that we will actually get Jesus to Hollywood for an interview, it continues to appear that the creatures of Darkness think we will! The deploying of the Forces around the city went without incident. But that was not the case within Hollywood, itself! General Lee made his headquarters in The Roosevelt Hotel, where it already had a great many spiritual guests who had seen to it that it was free of any demons Lee was cordially welcomed and shown where the banquet rooms were so he could set up his operations. If people could see what was going on in The Afterlife they would be shocked to see several dozen flagpoles now on top of The Roosevelt, one flying the flag of The Confederate Forces Of Atonement, The Stars And Bars in gold on black, and the rest flying the banners of the Confederate units under Lee's direct command.
Stonewall Jackson made his headquarters in the high school, not far away, and unfortunately there isn't a high school in the world that doesn't have a few demons. But this one seemed to be overstocked, and they had no intention of leaving! But Jackson and his people were upset about what had happened at Virginia Tech, and yesterday was not a day to mess with them! In very short order the demons were driven from the school. Again spiritual flagstaffs were erected on the roof, and the Confederate colors rasied.
General Pickett went to make his headquarters in the church nearby, and immediately found he had run into a nest of demons! It must've been a very liberal church! He thought he was going to have to call aid, but local demons working for The Kingdom Of God arrived and assisted the Confederates in driving the other creatures of Darkness from the church! So Pickett was finally able to take possession. The demons then began to give the Confederate scouts invaluable information on the weak points in the area, the places where they could easily pass through walls and stuff, which the defenders immediately began to fortify. It still gives Gerald the shivers that these dark creatures are so helpful! It makes him realize constantly how serious this situation is.
General Dolittle established his headquarters at a theater just down the street from The Roosevelt, and the old 48 star flag was raised over the building, along with the banners of those units with him. We won't release the name of the theater because Jesus is paranoid right now about offending people because of certain things that have happened in the last few months. But if those involved want to say that Dolittle is using their building they're more than welcome to.
General Hood, who joined The Confederate Forces, after Lee took command took up position in another church not far away without difficulty. The Angelic Messengers greeted him warmly. But within an hour a hoard of demons attacked them! However, The Forces They had on hand were enough to drive them off. We have to say again, We can't understand why the demons are doing this! We pray to God they can't see future events clearer than We can and know about something that is coming that We don't. But there are reports that demons are massing in San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco. But after the pounding they took in Maine they are hiding, not out in the open. But there are definite signs they are obtaining reinforcements from Mexico and Canada. There is no sign, however, that their forces around Ellsworth, Maine are decreasing. The Kingdom Of God is doing all It can in Its power to prevent any more mass murders. They must keep the creatures of Darkness from regenerating! They must break them! And They are doing all in Their power to do so!
Here is another message from The Afterlife endorsing our Work.
"This is Robert Kennedy! I once served as attourney general of The United States and ran for that country's presidency. I want you to know that I support Speakers Gerald and Linda Polley in all their efforts, and I ask all that knew me to do likewise. For if they do not succeed all we cherish will perish. To let people know that it is indeed myself speaking, I send a message to all those that knew me. Truth is not hard to find. It is all about you. Common sense tells you what is true and what isn't true. The difficulty is overcoming the resistance of those around you to truth and following it. I repeat, this is a message to those that knew me to identify me. Truth is easy to find. The difficulty is overcoming others' resistance to it and following it. Any that knew me and hear this message will know that it is from me. Robert Kennedy, a resident of The Kingdom Of God and A Faithful Servant of Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ, And All Who Serve Him."
In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" we begin our week long special from October, 2,002, with our morning DJ friends Tim, Bev & BadDog fom WEGR, Memphis, Tennessee. Today Jesus answers a question from their listners "Where is Bin Laden?" and, one from DJ Bev, "Where is my buddy Christ?" We're sure you'll really enjoy this first time release of these episodes on our web site!


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